Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"C" Number Two- Creative

According to author Joel Saltzman, he quotes education innovator John W. Gardner- not the novelist John Gardner- in Self Renewal as describing how a creative person thinks as stating:

(a creative person is someone who)..."will toy with an idea, try it on for size, look at it from a dozen different angles...Unlike the rest of us, they do not persist stubbornly in one approach to a problem. They can change directions and shift energies. They can give up their initial perception of a problem and redefine it."

Though Saltzman was referring to the process of creative writing, that's exactly the approach I take to business.

If business is not turning a profit the way I thought it would, I will evaluate it, define the problem, create solutions and switch directions until something pops- better stated: until I see positive cash flow.

I enjoy the ability to switch things up. The ability to invent. The ability to rethink. The ability to redefine.

Business is never boring to me for those reasons. I can maneuver how I see fit. Create.

Right now, in one of my companies, I am developing an employee training program. Certainly not for the sake of "having an employee training program", but I want my staff to know exactly what our mission statement is, why it's so important, and how to make that mission statement come alive every time we do business.

I'm in the process of creating that.

Bottom line is, I want a business that will allow me wide margins in which I can express myself. The businesses I own, of their own accord, are creative in nature, while a second wheel inside a wheel, is the act of creating better systems to help me operate even more effectively.

Operating effectively means happy employees. Happy employees mean happy customers, and happy customers mean repeat customers- making me very, very happy!

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