Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Banker's 3 Money Making Truths

Jeffrey was one of my first business bankers.

He looks cute in his new, black, shiny BMW convertible- but I don't bank there anymore because he was the reason why I came and why I stayed. He got a fat promotion and left my branch.

Nonetheless, what I learned from him is incredibly valuable and significant in business and certainly contributed to his promotion.
He told me:
(1) "Get Them to Like You." Jeffrey is a whiz at this. He is a good listener, passionate, enthusiastic, and most of all; sincere. He would find out about that person, as much information as he could, because he then would:
(2) "Find Out What They Need" After sincerely listening to the prospective customer or client, he'd start making a laundry list of things they might need.
Things such as: referrals. Which is a biggie. Who doesn't need word of mouth business?
Other things such as: Free advertising. Jeffrey would say, "Hey, do you have any business cards that I could put out here in my lobby so I can let our community know about you?"
Money: Who doesn't need operating capital? He'd talk money only after he talked about other needs first, I noticed. He'd often say,"If I can help you, I'll help you- if I can't help you; I have other avenues and access to other means that I'd be glad to open up for you."
(3) "Figure Out How To Fill Their Need" If I've said it once, I'll say it one thousand times, sales people need to SHUT UP AND LISTEN to the needs of their prospects. Figure out what the prospect needs by asking questions. Attentively listen to their answers. Inside each answer, is your potential sale!
Jeffrey once asked our Chamber of Commerce associates in a meeting of which, I'd say probably sixty or so people were in attendance:
"If you bank with me, could you please raise your hand?" Well over half the room banked with Jeffery!
The above three reasons is why.

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