Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall Party!

Listen, I'm going to give it to you straight. I can't do what these other women do. They can bake. They can set a table. They... are perfect.

It's called a "Welcome Fall Party" and you should see some of these blogs. Fabulous.

Rose Colored Glasses is just awesome.
I wanted to do the "party" too- but I'm better at business. Here, alas, is my sad attempt.

I am in the market for a wife. Obviously, I need some help over here.


  1. Good luck with turning your blog into a book. Three and a half years ago I started a blog as a chronicle of my life and times - from 1930 - and eventually turned it into a book. I was excited when an agent signed me up and when publishers started to nibble but now am back to square one and girding my loins for another onslaught. What I'm trying to say is you need lots of luck and even more perserverance. I wish you well:)

  2. Pat- thank you, ditto right back attcha.

    I've asked myself, why do you want a book?

    For the money? Oh, absolutely not. I have my companies for that. But rather, the answer is found in that I am a bump-it-up-to-the-next-level type of woman.

    "Entrepreneur Chick- How to Roll with Da Big Roosters" is very niche. It ain't for everybody.

    I want to do it because it's creative. I want to do it because I know I can. I want to do it because- I've been in a woman's shelter and a place in life in which I felt nothing but utter despair and hopelessbess- I have come a long, long way- and I have somethin' to say about that!

    I greatly appreciate what's going on with me now- so much. But it didn't happen at all until I CHANGED MYSELF.