Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am a Serial Entrepreneur- And I Don't Even Care

The chairs are arranged in a circle. It's my turn to "share".
"Hi. I'm Marilisa and I'm an entrepreneur."
"Hi, Marilisa", echos the group.

"So, my last business idea. It wasn't my fault. I can explain. I tried to call my sponsor, but their cell was off. What could I do? Don't you see? I had to create it! It'll be different next time- I promise."

Sunday, as you know, is my day that I set aside to not think, talk, even dare mention business. I go fishing every Sunday. What's the harm in fishing? I mean, I'm just sitting there minding my own business and I'm thinking only about fishing and the fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful lake view. I'm avoiding "places that can do us harm" and "unwholesome companions" that could ignite the slightest inclination of starting another business, right?

Well, those stupid fish. On one trip, I pulled out thirteen crappies. (Pronounced: "croppy".) This is easy. I see why people fish now. Next week, I'll double my number. I will pull out twenty six.

Me: Fish? I'm going to double my number.
Fish: We don't think so- sucka.

The next trip I pulled out four. FOUR! All day- four.

"This is unacceptable, fish. You are not cooperating. I'm supposed to be sitting here getting my relax on, and what do you do? You are upsetting me."

So, of course I started studying the feeding habits of crappie. What do they like? When do they bite? What about water conditions and temperature? I, being the good little entrepreneur that I am, devise a plan.

I go back to the lake prepared. I try it their way again. Nothin'. So, I pull out my new product "prototype". What made it especially sweet (oh, the revenge!) is that the owners of the staffing company I use, Nate and Gayla, were standing right there!

What do you think? Yep. No sooner do I drop my line- INSTANT FISH!

Me: Now what do you think, fish? Uh, huh.
Fish: Oh, crappie.

I do a little more probing. I learn that leisure fishing accounts for $82.3 billion dollars annually in the United States. Oh, really? Hmm. I immediately get in touch with The People That Know.

The People That Know agree to meet me in a bar (this bar is one of my clients from my other business) directly across the street from where my great uncle's pharmacy was over located 100 years ago! It was meant to be, people.

I pitch my idea to The People That Know. They crack up- because my idea is fusing pop culture with science.

"Are you in?"
"Yeah. We're in." Say The People That Know.

What do these people know? Scientists. Buyers in major retail chains. The freakin' Chinese. And we ended the night with a grand discussion about reverse engineering and how Jackson (one of their employees) says, "Genius does not come with a toggle switch."

Me: I don't see anything wrong with my behavior. I'm an entrepreneur- what?
Fish: Denial is always the first stage.

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