Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Happens When Entrepreneur Chick Cooks

It was supposed to be a nice dinner. A way to say, "Gosh- I appreciate you and everything you've done for me this past year," and then... horror.

The limo service and owner of the company is a very good friend of ours. I wanted to invite him over to say: "Merry Christmas!".

The potato's were on. And then I ran, terrified, to Tony- "Fire! Fire!"


The guys had to go out and buy side dishes from Boston Market.

Oh. Like the chicken isn't still good?

I tried.

Everyone knows Entrepreneur Chick tried.


  1. Last night I cooked 14 fillets of trout amandine (with swai because the trout looked like roadkill), for my daughter's 18th birthday dinner party.

    It came out beautifully, in spite of the fact that I had to put the fish in four different baking dishes, one of which was actually a glass pie pan, and because of having so little counter space, had two of the dishes on the floor to pour white wine over the fillets while screaming, "I don't have fucking ANYTHING!!!"

    I think I scared a few of her friends.

    But they liked the food. And were eager to help wash dishes.

  2. I laughed so hard reading your comment, I told Tony- you have to come here!

    "I don't fucking have anything!" I've DONE that. Mostly, I say that over my clothes situation because I have business clothes more than casual clothes- I'll blow off buying casual clothes and then something *casual* comes up and...


    >Your dinner sounded lovely.

  3. LMAO!!!! I busted out laughing SO HARD, E.C.! I actually laughed so hard, my cat jumped off the couch and ran away!!!!

  4. Yes, the dinner was surprisingly perfect.

    Let me give you some relevant context about this daughter of mine - she's started several kitchen fires in her short lifetime. The worst one was when she put a cast iron pan ON HIGH, put some bacon in it, and went out for a walk and forgot about it.

  5. Polly,

    Oh dear. I assume you caught it in time?

    Here's my pre-holiday public service announcement to everyone:

    What caused my fire was those Christmas villages.

    We have cabinets that allow for space on top. All the space is covered with those lighted villages and snow.

    I put a little shredded glitter stuff on top of the snow.

    Shredded glitter stuff falls into burner turned also, onto "high".

    Aww, it's okay. It'll burn off- I thought.
    Yes, it certainly did.