Monday, September 28, 2009

I Have Figured it OUT!

Reading many of your blogs this week- the subject keeps coming up: 'why do I write? Why do I blog?'

I believe it's because; blogging is like an interactive newspaper! AND we are all a little voyeuristic. I mean, what exactly is my neighbor up to today? I'm curious.

In a traditional newspaper, we read the story; we agree, we disagree, we think perhaps, about the author's point of view a little while longer but fairly quicky go on to the next story. Done deal.

Reading a blog, however, we can actually comment! The writer gets feedback. We get feedback. Feedback is pretty much like chocolate- who doesn't love it?

Additionally, these blogs turn into, not just an interactive newspaper- but a whole novel upon novels~ I'm fascinated, to tell you the truth.


  1. HA! Now I understand your question!!!

  2. Yes. I don't know why it took me so long to get into blogging - it suits me perfectly.

    I like to read things that inspire and stimulate my own creative processes. I like to write things that do the same thing for others. With blogging, it gets to be all mixed together, a wonderful dialogue. And so much immediate gratification!

  3. Chloe, I wanted to ask you that question, actually, before I started noticing the subject came up so much.

  4. Polly-

    Look. I've nicknamed you. Heh, heh.

    Blogging does fit your perfectly! Your blog is one of my very favorites.

    Speaking of inspire and stimulate- Those are my hallmarks of the blogs I read.

    Honestly, I quit following a few because they were just mundane- and the people who commented seemed to have personalities as interesting as cardboard.

    I'm careful as to what I'm going to focus my attention. I do not watch t.v. for the same reason. I find it saps my creativity and bombards me with noise I do not care to hear.

    BUT, I will blast hip-hop music as loud as any ghetto gangster in da hood ever thought about! Go figure.

  5. I don't watch TV either, except for Northern Exposure on disk. I do watch a lot of movies though.

    Thank you for that compliment! I feel honored. Your blog is one of my favorites too, and not just because I'm an aspiring entrepreneur.

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  7. I like it because it's the most authentic voice you could ever hear. No holding back, no big man telling us what is appropriate or not, my words, my thoughts, my very own construction.

    It's also a big display of vanity on my part. I seem to think that I am a wonderful journalist, but I would never show anyone my diary. Blogs are just an easy way to show off that I'm a creative person without actually having any talent :P