Friday, November 12, 2010

2 Irrepressible, Unshakable Truths About Business

I don't know if ceiling cat exists- but I do know this does.
The two irrepressible and unshakable truths about business, any business are:

(1) There will always be a marketplace.
(2) There will always be a market trend.

Okay, so?
So- no matter what crazy and silly and far fetched product or service you may have; I can guarantee you there's a market for it out there somewhere!

How about some of these ideas:

Notice how it even has air holes? Clever!

Totally have to have one of these.

Once a month believe me, neither you or I, will need a Mood Ring to let you know what sort of nasty disposition I have. But, if you don't like it, go fly one of these:

(Who would have thought to blow up a kite?)

And now for something I can and do really use:

When I am on the yacht, it's a very long walk from the marina to the shore so Eliot, my loyal and loving Yorkie who everyone in the entire universe loathes but me; can do his business.
Everyone was skeptical about how this was going to work out; she said,

"Yeah right. Eliot will pee near or close by but not actually on that stupid thing."

Well, ha. Eliot did pee where he was supposed to go- and for that nifty convenience, Potty Patch makers, I thank you.

I also purchased him some of these:

 But Eliot told me that it's "too complicated" and he'll have to "look over the manual".
That stupid hound didn't get this device at all!
(But the makers certainly got my credit card numbers, rest assured.)

It's what you know about the market place and what you know about the trend that's going to be the ultimate determiner of your success.

More about knowing the market place and market trends next time...