Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Flippin' Back!

A site meter is a nifty device, folks.

Though I have not written since Febuary of this last year, I know I am still being read.
Therefore, I feel like I have an obligation to come back and let you know what's going on, my latest adventures (drama) and so forth.

Thank you for the additional follows too. When I am not posting from
my iPhone I shall follow you back.

More to come very soon!

Most likely tomorrow...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Stop Smoking Now! 3 Steps;Guaranteed

I am appalled that I, like probably millions of other Americans, on this fine New Year's week, join the shameful ranks of repentant smokers.

Smoking. Me?
It's like saying, "Hey, did you hear Entrepreneur Chick robbed a bank with two hostages she kidnapped from daycare while she was high on crystal meth?"

I would never do that!
Uh huh; and I would never smoke.

Hide the coke and the toddlers.

But let a life crisis hit you that's big enough to knock you right down to your knees, and then we'll just see if you light up or not.
 Don't sit over there and be so judgmentally smug.
It's flat unattractive.

My crisis is over now. A thing of the past.
There is no good reason to continue smoking and I know it.
No excuse.

January first rolls around and I have to do the most logical thing at the most logical time.

I am smoke free, people!
Three days and counting.

Here's how I did it.

(I'd charge for this but it's just stupid easy.)

Maintain the very same habits you did while you smoked.
Did you step outside to smoke? Go outside.
I only smoked outside. Hopefully you do too.

Take a cigarette out there with you.
I know, right?
Aren't you supposed to be avoiding that, and yet I am asking you to grab one anyhow?

Light your cigarette with your pretend lighter and mimic all the same movements as when you smoked.
This is a powerful trick and it works!
Light up.
Blow the smoke out.
Watch it disappear into the cold January air.

Here is the key reason why this method will work for you.

Smoking is a habit.
Use the same habit to STOP!