Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do You Want an Employer to Check Your Credit Score? Puleeze.

Entrepreneur Chick subscribes to an email service regarding what's going on in business. Let me tell you very candidly- I am horrified. Horrified.

The title of the article was: "Employers Increasingly Use Applicants' Credit Histories in Determining Job Future"

I love hip hop music. Can someone say, "GET BACK! YOU DON'T KNOW ME LIKE THAT"? I love fairness. Can someone say, "THAT'S A VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY"?

I am an employer. I only care about one, one primary thing.

Can you do the work?

If you can do the work, that's all I need to know. If you squander every red cent I pay you, ruin your credit and Aaron's Rental shows up at your door step and reprocesses your living room suite, your plasma screen t.v., and even takes a few boxes of macaroni and cheese out of your pantry for good measure, by golly, that's your business!

But I can hear the employer credit check chorus begin now:

"What if I'm a bank? And someone I hire is in financial distress? I don't want them to have access to thousands and thousands of dollars of cash everyday."

Oh, so now you're going to label them a thief because they are in financial distress?

Color me old school, but usually we convict a person after he's done the crime.

And furthermore, get a grip. Many Americas are in financial distress. Meaning, many Americans have outstanding consumer debt and can't service those debts.

Additionally, there's erroneous errors in credit reports. Contrary to popular belief, the heavens do not part and: Thus sayeth Equifax. One quarter to one third of credit reports are incorrect! And, job seeker, those errors are serious enough for you to be denied the job. Let's waste every body's time, shall we?

How do you think minorities and women fare in under all this microscopic scrutiny? Ah, not well at all. They especially have a "disparate" impact. Here's my surprised look.

"Well," Mr. LetmeUpinYourGrill Employer might again argue, "I am going to give you, Mr. & Ms. PotentialLoserEmployee the opportunity to 'explain' your bad credit."

How charitable!

Now, let's let the rubber hit the road. Because I'm going to give you a real-life, personal example of Entrepreneur Chick.

As I told you in the past, E.C. was married to- what the State of Texas likes to think of as a "convicted felon".

Do you imagine at all, that the convicted felon and his family, did anything to ruin my credit? Could it be possible?

Good for Entrepreneur Chick that she owns companies and does not have to explain herself to anyone. I'd be embarrassed beyond belief.

My financial planner, after pulling my credit report, asked me, "What's this KFC on your report?" Oh, crap. Chicken? They forged my name to my checks and bought effing chicken? Now I can't get a job because of-
"Would you like Original or Crispy?" Are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you.

I have never, EVER in my life, written a hot check or borrowed money I did not pay back. But guess what? My credit report, because of
'C.F." (Convicted Felon) and his family's stupid ass, are not going to tell you that.

"Please, please may I be a ditch digger at the graveyard at night?" implored Entrepreneur Chick.

"Uh, we don't think so".

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