Monday, September 7, 2009

"C" Number 3- Can Someone Else Do It?

This is the big one. The one I care the most about. The third "C"- Can Someone Else Do It- or can you leverage it?

Let me tell you what I did yesterday and how I made money while I was doing it.

I was fishin'. I walked by a man also fishing and everyone likes to compare notes, you know, when you're fishin'.

"Got anything yet?"
"Naw. Not much. Two weeks ago it was better." I volunteered, still enthralled about my loot back then, the good old days, two weeks ago, when I pulled out thirteen crappie as easy as you please and mistakenly thought it was always going to be that way.

{As Dave said, "It's like playin' cards. You win a few times and then you think- I've got it now, see?"}

"Hmm. Yeah. Me neither. So you off work?"
"No. I own companies."
"YOU do? You started them? What kind of companies?"

It was at this juncture that this man was just polite enough not to say that I certainly didn't resemble anyone who looked capable of too much ambition- blond hair, red nails, rolled up jeans, Hawaiian bikini top and flip flops- {dude, I'm fishing} but he wasn't polite enough either, not to intimate my lack of looking like I'd have anything too substantial going for me.

"Yeah. I started them."

I started explaining, in the nutshell I use to explain how my businesses started- but he's either intimidated by me, or doesn't know how to listen- dancing stupidly around in his chair and slightly making fun of what I'm saying.

"So, you don't have to worry about retirement, huh? Not that you'd have to worry about that for a long time anyway."

"That's the plan."

I was making money the whole time I was talking to my fellow fisherman.

How was I making money?

Because my businesses (two separate businesses) were still running at that hour and I had employees out there working. I was fishing. They were working.

I'm always aware of building a system in which I design, and then plug talented people into- that I can replicate over and over and over again, with more and more people.

When I really am older, while other people my age might be downsizing and budgeting- I will not need to. However, I am not a waster and I'm not extravagant, and I'm not high maintenance either. I'll have more choices in life. That's all.

I like choices. If you like choices too, make sure other people can do the work, or you will always be stuck in the- all I can make it what I can earn- syndrome, which, if I were a Playboy Bunny- would definitely be listed as one of my "turn offs".

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