Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two New Questions I Started Asking Myself

With the start of each new season, and the end of the last- I like to turn over new leaves, I suppose.
I especially adore the Fall and everything that comes with it- cooler temps, football, colorful foliage, pumpkins... you get the idea.
On Labor Day- I labored!
Cleaned out my closet, which I like to do about every three months. I made a trash pile, a donation pile, a take-to-the-cleaners pile, and a let's see how I feel about it tomorrow pile. Really- I've stained that blue terry robe (featuring darling little white lambs and clouds) with makeup and tanning lotion- ewww. Who wants it? But what if I need it? It's still in the closet. Just in case. Okay, I'll get rid of it after I write this.
Heretofore I had not thought of asking myself this in such a direct way- but it has proved helpful and I will continue:
(1) What constructive thing have I done for my home today?
(2) What constructive thing have I done for my business(es) today?
Confession. Sometimes I don't do squat. I need more accountability.

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  1. Great idea! There's no better feeling than at the end of the day when I look back and can list how productive I was.