Monday, August 31, 2009

If I Knew U Were Coming, I Would Have Baked a Bigger Bra

I said to myself: This is not a business meeting! Drop the camisole and cover-up sweater! So, I did. Went out to hear some jazz for my husband's birthday on a Friday night.
"H" was playing. Walked in the joint and what? Oh great. Fifteen people that we also know from the Chamber of Commerce and then some- all at the same long table.
"Hi, I'm Marilisa."
But you know what? What's SO great about calling my own shots? What are you gonna do? TELL MY BOSS? FIRE ME? NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ME?
Over 95% of all my transactions are from other businesses- which they do not own.
Who's the slut now, beeee-otch?

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