Monday, August 31, 2009

The Three "C"s I Look 4 When Building Any Business

This is so important, that if a venture has one but not all three, two but not one- I'll drop it like it's hot- almost. Even Snoop Dogg would say that's still sexy and cool.

The three "C"s are:

(1) Consistency

(2) Creative

(3) Can Someone Else Do it? (Or can you leverage it?)

All my businesses have all the three "C"s going for them, to one degree or another. Let's address consistency first. Tomorrow we will break down "Creative" and Wednesday we will address 'Can Someone Else Do It?"


There's nothing I hate more in a business than feast or famine. I loathe it. However, in the building stage of a lot of ventures, there's normal peak times followed by slower times.

Some businesses that characterize this ebb and flow are companies that are seasonal.

Party City, though they sell party products all the time, has most of its gross profit occurring during the Halloween season. Have you ever been in Party City during Halloween? Nightmare. Hahahaha.

One of my business' strongest seasons run from May until December. It is quite the whirlwind. But, predictably, when January arrives we have gone from zero to sixty and back to zero again.

While I enjoy the break from the non-stop action, there's a large part of me, the greater part of me, that gets nervous and riddled with anxiety- which I don't enjoy.

Entrepreneur Chick is here to be honest with you. In everything I write I use this plumb line- Is it true?

Truthfully, I do not like a seasonal business. Therefore, I added another business to make up for the deferential.

So, let business number one drop off in January. No problem- business number two, like a booster rocket to the moon, will simply kick in (and has kicked in the whole time) to make life more predictable.

Ambiguity does characterize an entrepreneur- many people find they can't hack a life in which they are not sure what's going to happen.

My answer is not to scrap business altogether, but simply build a more reliable one.

Ah, the sweet smell of consistency in the morning. I love it!

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