Friday, August 21, 2009

Non-conformists Make the Best Entrepreneurs

"You can't go right up to them and talk to them, the CEO. It doesn't work that way."

'I can do anything I want."

"Well, I've been in corporate America and I'm just telling you. There's a chain of command."

Do you want to get anything constructive done? Break the chain of command. You can't go around listening to "proper" and "polite" if you want your ideas to get anywhere. You have to take a risk and you have to be a non-conformist. You can't make yourself be a non-conformist. You either are, or you aren't.

Either you are pregnant or you aren't. No one's ever said, "I'm a little bit pregnant."

I believe anyone can build an asset column. I do not believe anyone can be an entrepreneur. There's a certain saucy brazenness in most of us- the bullheaded desire to execute our ideas.

Not that I would ever advise anyone to do this- as it is very dangerous, but I didn't care. When I was in junior high, I would become very board with school. I'd just get up and walk out. Stick my thumb up in the street and go downtown, go to the college, or go home- whatever I was in the mood for.

A man picked me up and asked me, "Aren't you afraid some one's going to hurt you?"
"Nope. Because I have a butcher knife in my purse", I said as I slid my hand down into my bag. He didn't say another word.

I'm not saying that was wise of me at all- looking back- it was pretty foolish. But it does give you insight into a bit of my character, which is still with me.

People are always going to tell you, who are not entrepreneurs, why you shouldn't and couldn't and can't do a thing. If you listen, and if you believe them, you will lose.

If some one's telling you you can't, try this on and tell me if you like what happens.

Ask yourself. Do I want to become more like this person who's the naysayer, or would this person like to become more like me? What about Nelly NoWay's life do you admire? Do you admire how she has to get up and be at work at the crack of dawn? Do you admire when they tell her when she can eat lunch? Do you admire how much she is told she can make? Do you admire when they tell her when she can go home? Do you admire when they tell her when she can have a vacation? If you don't admire those things, maybe you shouldn't listen to her advice.

Cliff, who's a successful entrepreneur and services accounts like Lucas Films, Coca Cola, ESPN, Corona, Bud Lite, Star Wars, D Magazine, Time Magazine and so forth, said a very scandalous thing to me over his Jack and Coke:

"You are their bitch!"

Entrepreneurs don't willingly sign up for any type of slavery. Being told what to do, is, in our minds, slavery.

Hell, no- we won't go!

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