Friday, August 14, 2009


I wrote in a comment section somewhere last month- "Any NFL team with the audacity to pick up Mike Vick, I hope they loose every single game they play!"

It never crossed my mind that my beloved Eagles would make such a brain-dead decision.

Most of you know I am already living dangerously as it is, because I am practically the only Eagle fan precarious enough to live amongst The Enemy- The Dallas Cowboys.

I'm always running into current and ex-Cowboy players here in Dallas, and my husband rats me out each and every time.

"Taught her everything she knows about football, Drew, {Pearson} and then she turns against me- she's an EAGLE FAN!"

"That so?" inquires Drew with much heated angst. "Well, this is something Donavan will never see!" he says with much disdain as he aggressively shoves his bulky, diamond laden Super Bowl Championship ring under my nose. I put up with a lot living in Dallas, I'll tell you.

"Uh", I stammer and weakly try to recover-"Donavan just gets a little nervous... he'll get it soon."
"Ha. I doubt that." Drew retorts.

But now, I AM DONE unless something gives, and that something had better well come in the form of Mike Vick dragging his butt right off that playing field, head hung low in shame.

But, you say, he's paid his dues. He's been released from his crime! He's even talking to school children about animal cruelty. Forgive him. Get over it. Move on.

Like hell I will!

Please. The only thing Mike Vick is sorry about is the fact he GOT CAUGHT.
Let me ask you- do you think his vicious enterprise would still be turning a profit today if he had not gotten caught? Of course it would!

Here's my big beef with Mike Vick.

There is a big difference in my mind, and in the mind of any court in this entire country, between someone who commits violence in the heat of passion, or someone who commits violence as a pre-meditated act.

Mike Vick's unspeakable cruelty to dogs was three entirely unforgivable things. Intentional, prolonged, and sustained cruelty for PROFIT THAT YOU DIDN'T EVEN NEED, YOU GREEDY BASTARD!

If you are a little unfamiliar with the extreme disregard he showed to innocent dogs, I'm just going to mention two things. And really, I hate to do it because I get so upset, but you have to see what I'm talking about.

He used what's called a "bait dog" in order to provoke the bigger, tougher, dogs he intended to use for fighting. Think about that for a moment. Also, when some dogs didn't perform up to his sick standards, they'd just body slam them.

I'm really sorry, but if the law wants to forgive your stupid ass, that's just fine: but I'll be damned if anyone, let alone an NFL teams, should grant you back in the good graces of any organized sport and the American public should, after adding insult to injury, be subjected to watching you do anything, anywhere, at any time!

The single most disturbing movie I have ever seen is "The Girl Next Door" by Jack Ketchum.

In this movie, which is based on a real life girl, Sylvia Likens, who was 16 in 1961. A pathetic and sociopath train wreck of a woman, Gertrude, was left in charge of her and her crippled sister's care until her parent's return. In the movie, the script read as if her parents had died, in real life, Sylvia's parents were carnival workers and would come back to collect her and her sister after the season had ended.

What ended up happening to this girl was the most ghastly, shocking, cruel actions ever perpetrated or thought up- more shocking is it- that these crimes occurred right in a innocent looking middle class suburban house, with innocent looking neighborhood kids, that were encouraged to regularly come down to the basement and beat Sylvia until she was unconscious.

This women, in real life, Gertrude- did not kill and disfigure Sylvia for profit. She charged no admittance fee. But you know what, VICK DID.

Arguably you could say, yes- but one was regarding animals and the other was regarding people- and you'd be right. But, cruelty is still cruelty and I for one, am not going to be reminded of it on Sunday afternoons or Monday nights, and make no mistake- I'm not the only one.

Entrepreneur Chick has only utter contempt for anyone making a profit by the exploitation of others, particularly innocent animals.

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