Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ode to a Staffing Company

Entrepreneur Chick was just about to find herself in some deep doo doo.
Thankfully, I have something everyone wants now (I know! And it's not crack.) however, because one of my companies is growing so fast, I found myself last night going up to random strangers and inquiring:
"Excuse me. You look like you probably know how to do {{Set of Skills}} and I could really use you next week. Are you available at all?"
Enter bright idea. Texas Lonestar Staffing Company is a blog a follow. DUH. DUH, DUH! And did I mention, DUH?
This new revelation is the eloquent, time saving solution I've been needing for over two weeks. Not to mention my book keeper is going to be thrilled because the staffing company is responsible, short of payroll, for a lot of, you know, that stuff book keepers and accountants are all upset about if you don't have.
They screen everyone. They interview everyone. They know what's going on with with my future staff in a way that I just don't have time to fritter away with anymore.
If you, like me, were nearly in some unavoidable poop- make your life easier. Dail 1-800 ANY GOOD STAFFING COMPANY PREFERABLY in THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WITH YOU.
Halah freakin' luhia.
(And by the way, Nate and Gayla Prevost are just about the nicest, quality people you could ever want to meet anyway. They donated to one of my events two weeks ago and thoroughly went out of their way. )

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