Thursday, October 29, 2009

As I Suspected, I am Happier Than Most

In an article a few days ago on MSN, this caught my eye- "Train to be Your Own Boss" or, are the self employed really happier? Happier even than doctors, lawyers and business executives?

You better believe we are, baby!

"The benefits of being our own boss, The Gallup-Healthway Well-Being Index, the most comprehensive survey to date with 100,826 respondents, found that business owners outranked all other workers in overall happiness and well-being, beating doctors, lawyers and business executives. What's so good about self-employment? Working on your own terms, having control over your fate, doing what you love and not living in fear of the pink slip rank high on the entrepreneur's list of perks. 'Even when things get tough, I'm still in control,' says business owner Roger Peugeot. Business owners also enjoy the satisfaction of focusing their energy on something that matters to them and benefits them directly."

Speaking of, "when things get tough"- um, yeah. Let's not romanticize this point. I am not going to do it. No, I do not like it when things get tough. I was told some years back one "must appreciate the struggle of any business."

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times", reads the famous opening line of "A Tale of Two Cities." Two thousand and nine has proved to be exactly that.

While my companies are going like gangbusters right now, in the first quarter and more than half way through the second, I took a 50% HIT!

Soooooo, I had to laugh when I discovered roll upon roll of toilet paper just sitting in our garage! I had placed them there last year in our cheerful orange and black Halloween tubs, dutifully waiting patiently until Fall.

The game I made up is called, "Wrap Ya Mummy" (or daddy). The idea is that whichever kid(s) wrap up their significant guardian most completely by the end of the song, wins!

But I was like, DAMN! I could have used this stuff when our money was so tight! Listen, I can be more ghetto than Snoop Dogg. If I can do anything to boost up my er.. bottom line, you bet I will. Unabashedly.


  1. Loved the article and the toilet paper picture. It gave me a wonderful laugh. I am so glad your companies have survived the recession and are doing well now!

  2. Ghetto, huh? We'll have to compare notes some time. You already know where I got my camera.

    "Unabashedly" seems like a pretty darn good all-around word for you.

  3. RNSANE,

    Thank you so much. :) I'm so happy I'm entertaining someone else besides my own, easily ammused self.

    I laugh all the time at the stupid stuff I do.

  4. Polly,

    We should! I can't get over what great pics that camera takes though. If I could have gotten my camera that way- you know I would have.

    Yes. "Unabashedly" is a great word for me. So is: "pushy broad".

    But them together- Unabashedly Pushy Broad. Now there's another blog, no?

  5. One thing's for certain - after being self employed for 12 years I couldn't possibly go back to working for anyone else again.

    Mind you, as someone once said, the biggest problem with being self employed is you have the greatest boss in the world and the worst employee...

  6. Kim,

    I know! I feel ya. Can't build someone else's wealth.

    I've never heard that- that you have the greatest boss in the world and the worst employee. So true.

  7. Man,... I mean woman I really love your banner.

  8. bonequinhoda bic,

    Man, I feel like a woman tonight!
    Coming from you, Mr. Graphic Artist- that is a great compliment. Thank U.

  9. It´s not Spanish it´s Portuguese.
    Besides, I translate everything in Enlish.Thank´s for stopping by.

  10. Bonequinhoda bic,

    You're are more than welcome.

    M'bad! Portuguese. How do you say "Tace Bell" in Portuguese?

  11. Amy?

    Soooo, scardy cat. Hahahahaha.


  12. This one is way better!!! :) Amy

  13. Holy shit, that pic made me laugh sooo hard! You are totally right, I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and there's nothing like being in control of your own destiny. Now I just need to get my act together so I can join the club! xoxo

  14. Amy?

    Do ya like this background better? I think I do.

  15. Chloe,

    Girl, you are in like flin- or something like that.

    Chloe + F.A.M.O.U.S.

    Effing, yeah!

  16. Do you mean Taco Bell.
    Well Taco Bell is Taco Bell,the same as Macdonald´s is Mcdonalds e.t.c.
    But I´ll tell you something in English and than I´ll translate it.

    You´re a beautiful person and I love you.
    És uma pessoa linda e eu amo-te.

  17. bonequinhoda bic,

    Es uma pessoa linda e eu amo-te... now that's beautiful!

    Last week, Chloe taught me how to say a bad word in Chinese.

    Yeah, I need to get out more.