Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Expirations- What Should You Do?

This person had six months to use one of our coupons. That's half a year.

Called our office yesterday on the very expiration date and asked, "There's been death in my family. Can you extend the coupon?"

What do you think Entrepreneur Chick's reaction was?

Let me be clear. There's things I think, which I do not say- because it's highly inappropriate and non-professional.

But when I'm here, and I'm E.C.; I'm going to let it rip. I'm assuming you read me because you'd like to learn something about business and you understand I'm not some chick over here playing nicey-nice and let's make a pie, have a cup of coffee, and all get along.

Woman goes to the store. She buys a gallon of milk.

She hands the cashier an expired coupon. Cashier says, "This coupon has expired", and hands it back.

Woman says, "But there was a death in my family, can you still honor it?"

What does the cashier do?

You tell me what you think- and then tomorrow, I'll tell you what happened.


  1. I would explain nicely that they have had 6 months to make use of the coupon and in all fairness to the other people who used theirs in the allotted time... sorry, baby, no extension.

    I haven't used coupons in my marketing yet, but we offer gift certificates that I think I'm going to have to put an expiration on. Good Lord! people will sit on these things for years and then they pop up unexpectedly to haunt you.

  2. People say the most amazing things! I know you wanted to tell her where she could shove the coupon, E.C., but you are too much of a professional to do so.

    I deal with this all the time when working on annual renewals, "But 2 years ago I was given a 20% discount" I'm sorry, but that was 2 years ago, and it is no longer offered, today I can offer you 5%, 8% tops. Period, the end.

    Wrap that shit up and call it a day, E.C.!

  3. Chloe, yeah- you're right. My first reaction was, "I don't care if everyone she knows died, you tell her I said..."

    And YOU are doing something right because your sales numbers wouldn't be sky high like that, if you weren't.

    One of my general managers is SO much like me. A client wanted something over contract and he says to our staff: "You go back and tell that bitch..." But of course, we don't do that. lol