Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Stripper on Hold

Yes, I know I was going to tell you about the stripper who, instead of just doing the same old, same old, had some excellent vision and made it big in an unexpected way.
But in the tradition of Shameless Ramblings From Your Truly- I have some disconnected thoughts I'd simply like to enumerate in no particular order. (I very much enjoy reading Celeste's thoughts.)
My blow dryer sparked three times when I was blowing Eliot (Mr. Yorkshire Terrier Extraordinaire) dry. Therefore, I threw it away.
An employee quit. People have every right to do as they please- BUT it would have been nice if he had decided before we trained him and before we booked him for several events- that "it was not for me".
I had a nice lunch at Le Madelyn today but ordered only a sad looking spinach quiche and a cup of fruit with that yummy fattening sauce and an Orange-ina, because you can only get those from up North and I don't live there anymore.
I wanted the rest of Tony's lunch he didn't finish, but I didn't ask.
My dress I got on sale last week is too big. I don't want to mess with getting it altered. And it doesn't look good with the printed argyle tights I got for it either. In fact, it looks stupid.
I have to buy another couch because my Boxer is... too awful to talk about. I only plan for it to last a year. I love my Boxer more than I love my "stuff", but I am not getting another Boxer.
I ran out of makeup. I tried something different to see if I'd like it. Nope. I'm still out of makeup.
Got a cool new velveteen warm-up suit today, but I don't have any cool tennis shoes to go with it. (Because I stepped in mud and ruined my awesome Guess, sparkle ones). How come you get one really cool thing only to find out that now you need something else?
I needed a lighted Halloween decoration for my window, so I bought one today. It's not double-sided so I can enjoy looking at it too. Boo.
The Fall trees for my Fall Village are too few. Hello? I'm NOT paying $8.00 a pop for little trees. Was that how much I paid last year? What was I thinking? But the pumpkins were on sale- but I already have pumpkins. Left the store with nothing.
I'm tired. It's raining. I could drink a cup of coffee and fix the whole matter. When it's bedtime, I'm going to feel great. I'd rather mope around and complain about being tired.
Had an incredible business meeting today with a client. We did everything we said we would for them. Their "numbers are up" because they hired us and will continue to do business with us!
So; my blow dryer broke, an employee quit, I didn't order enough for lunch, my dress is too big, my Boxer (Emerson) ruined my couch, I am still out of makeup, I don't have cool tennis shoes, my Halloween decoration is not what I expected, my Fall village has too few trees, it's raining, I'm tired BUT:
My client thinks our business is DA BOMB, so what do all these annoyances really matter?
How about it if I shut up and be grateful? Yup. That's what I'm a gonna do.


  1. Hah, thanks for the shout out!
    Days like that seem to be happening often to me lately. Maybe everyone's dealing with it too?

    Luckily, here in Alberta, I can blame it on the grey weather! We just celebrated the Candaian Thanksgiving this past weekend and it was snowing! Luckily it melts away mostly during the day... But still! Aiiieee! Haha

  2. I, for one, think you're DA BOMB too!!!!!

    Oh, and btw, that there is one pole move I'll allow you! ;)

  3. We all have our bad days, but you seem to take it very well because of your successful business which gives you confidence, security, pleasure, and... money.

  4. What color is your warm-up suit?

    You should post a picture of your Fall Village - I'd love to see it.

    I'm sorry you had a bad day - hope it's better now. Is it still raining?

  5. Chloe:

    Awww, thanks.

    >As for that pole trick on the lake with the 30 feet deep water- I was just going to stand there and extend my leg like one of the Pussy Cat Dolls. I had no intention of twirling, for heaven sake.

    I guess my friends didn't know that and is why they all demanded, "Marilisa! GET DOWN!"

    I'm sorry I called them "buzz kills". I swear- I am a full time job.

  6. Celeste-

    Yeah- grey is so exciting when it first happens; but day after day... I feel ya.

    >U are welcome for da shout out, sweet girl.

  7. Polly-

    My warm-up suit is so awesome! Black. But what I especially like about it is that it gathers and ties under your boobs. This way, the tie gives it more "shape" and I do not feel slouchy.

    Having a better day now despite having 5 events tonight and only 3 people to work them! We got it figured out though.

    I AM going to start taking pictures soon for E.C. Left my camera somewhere and have not replaced it but will next week.

    If you decorate, I'd like to see yours too!

  8. DUTA,

    Yes. "Confidence, security and... money".

    But I'm dealing with an issue right now- that I realize I'm going to have to get over because I'm slowing my own self up!

    What I think perhaps began as a defense mechanism is not serving as any sort of protection. Don't ya hate it when you just have GOT to drop some baggage? lol

  9. Ha ha ha - decorate. Oh that's a good one.

    I have four children, three of which are teenagers (plus the two girls' boyfriends, who are over all the time), and one of which is a TWO-YEAR-OLD! I gave up on decorating a long time ago.

    Why do you think I want to see your fall village? I have to live vicariously these days.

    My toddler, however, is VERY into decorating. She thought it would be lovely to draw a picture with black Sharpie on the coffee table the other day.

    The only thing I decorate for is Christmas. I will absolutely not give that up for anything or anybody.

  10. I'm here getting caught up on blog reading, finally! Happy Thursday!

  11. Julie,

    Happy Thursday to you too! It's closer to Sunday and you know what that means?

    Fishing time! (Hope I can catch more than four.)

  12. Polly,

    You CRACK me up!

    I live vicariously through "Rose Colored Glasses". Check her out. She's one of the blogs I read.

    This woman can do everything! I wrote in a post to her that when I see my mother in heaven, she's SO FIRED!

    How come I do not know how to do any of the sweet things she does?

    She can quilt. She can bake. She can go to garage sales and find stuff that most people would throw away but she paints it and whaaaa laaaa! I swear you'd see it in any Nordtroms cataloge anywhere.

    But, Polly- I know you can do all that stuff too because I read you. It's rather *I* that needs to live vicariously through YOU. lol

  13. I can bake, but I can't quilt. I kneel at the feet of anyone who can quilt.

    And you, my dear, don't have to bake and quilt - because you're Entrepreneur Chick, and you DA BOMB!!!

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