Saturday, October 17, 2009

I see these purple cats all the time in stores around this time of year.

I have talked and talked about "what are we doing for Halloween"? I started talking about it in July! Yeah, I'm a planner.

I'm torn. I have these mile high white disco boots and this cute little disco mini dress OR I have this scary mask that maybe no one thinks I'm a grown up and, yes I do. I march right up to those doors and I go:

"Trick or Treat!" No shame in my game whatsoever.

What are you guys going to do? I need some inspiration.


  1. Well, a couple of years ago I came up with the idea of painting half my face black and the other half white, then wearing all red clothing and being "black and white and red all over."

    I might do that. But I'd also like to be a hummingbird. One time I made huge wings out of cardboard and then attached many long strips of different colored streamers so that they flowed out behind me as I walked. It would be fun to do that again.

    My best costume ever though: I wrapped myself in white sheets, took a black Sharpie and went around telling people, "I'm a poem - you wanna write me?"

  2. I vote for the white disco boots & mini dress. You can approach Halloween in one of two ways: a really clever/creative costume, OR something really, really naughty.

    Halloween is the one day out of the year we can dress as outrageous and as lasciviously as we dare! So I say, BE DARING!!!

  3. Polly,

    You are SO creative! That business that you're going to start will surely succeed!

    Thanks for the ideas. Love 'em.

  4. Chloe,

    I agree, DARING. Sooooo, I know I'm going to see more than some kettah cat ears, yes?

    Don't forget my pics!