Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's Your Scariest Thing? Part II

The next incident happened when I was fifteen.

Because of a tragic automobile accident that left my mother paralyzed, (from the neck down) my father decided to rent out our house and move me to my sister's house until he figured out what to do.

Rather than moving all our stuff into storage, he got the idea to partition off one half of the garage.

On a bright Saturday morning, while I was staying with my grandmother, I walked over to our house and went into the garage to collect a few more of my belongings.

As I rummaged through various boxes, I could hear a low conversation in the kitchen; while the cabinet doors were opening, closing, opening, closing. More conversation. More banging of the cabinets.

I guess a realtor is showing the house, I reasoned.
The banging and the conversation continued even as I was leaving the garage through the side door on the West.

After I collected the last of my stuff, I walked outside to the driveway expecting to see the realtor's car.

There was no car. There wasn't anybody. No one was in the house. I had been alone the whole time.


  1. So you never figured out what you heard or who was in the house? Creepy for sure! Did you ever go back?

  2. I never did figure it out- I went back; once. I was driving by the place several years later.
    Just then, (as we had retained the house) a man came out and asked, "Can I help you?"

    "I used to live here."
    "Are you George's daughter?"
    "Well, come on in, then!"

    I was excited! When I went in, their little boy had a very bad case of chicken pox.

    I was an adult by this time, and I'd never, ever had chicken pox. Which I prided myself upon for many years.

    Three days later, what do you think?
    Chicken pox!

    I asked the new tenants though, is there anything strange happening here?

    Stupidly, RNSANE, I can't recall what they said! Maybe because the chicken pox virus was ravaging my flesh! lol

  3. Wow, I learn more and more about you everyday, you've had such a life!!! Ghosts, too!

    I love that you're so nonchalant about it, I would have been shaking in my city boots!

  4. Eesh. That's downright creepy.

    Your mother's misfortune must have been an awful thing to live with for your family.

    I like your new header - is that you up there?

  5. Polly,

    It still chills me out to think of it!

    My mother died seven years later. It was horrible to lose her like that. However, she taught me so much, for which I will always be grateful.

    Yes, that's me up there. The one being spray painted. Yellow dress. I was doing a "Trash the Dress" shoot for one of my companies so I bought this beautiful dress and then put black and orange spray paint all over it.

    Kinda killed me to have to do that to it, but a formal yellow dress? Like I'm going to wear that to Olive Garden.

    The idea is that bridesmaids and brides, instead of just letting the dress sit there, you take it out & trash it and the photographer shoots you as you do so.

  6. Chloe,

    Naw, I was SCARED.

    I woke up this morning in a panic because we have this Harvest doll, who some kids came over and named, "Chucky".

    Great. Thanks, kids.

    So, I dream Chucky comes to life and moves himself over by the other wall! I was trying to turn on the lights in the hallway (always a hallway) but they wouldn't turn on.

    I woke up before Chucky could get me, which is why I'm able to write to you now. lol