Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Actress who Played a Stripper but Thought Like an Entrepreneur

Actually, I had it backwards. The stripper did not see an opportunity for greater advancement, but rather- the actress, Sheila Kelley, who played the stripper, did.
According to S Factor's website:
"When she (Sheila Kelley) starred in and produced the film, Dancing at the Blue Iguana, she needed to prepare for the role of 'Stormy' by learning how to striptease and pole dance. As a result, her body became long, lean and fit. She decided to take her knowledge of ballet, exercise and exotic dancing and combine them into the most effective fitness dance workout ever devised for and about women - S Factor."
Not only is "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" a genuinely compelling and transparent film about the lives of erotic dancers, it is also an excellent example of how a woman, Sheila, understood the importance of building an asset base, definitely thought outside of the box, er...pole- and turned out a rather seedy industry into the mainstream with great success.
Entrepreneur Chick recommends all three. (1) The Movie, (2) Pole dancing, (3) Building your asset base!


  1. Hurray for women like you and Sheila Kelley for showing the way!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration E.C.!!!

  2. Interesting. I've never heard of this movie; I'll have to look for it.

  3. Chloe,

    Thanks! As you know, this post was inspired by YOU. (Heh, heh.)

    I'd love to do that intro class in NYC.

  4. Polly,

    Maybe Netflix has it. They have everything. I espcially love "movies to watch instantly" thing.