Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Would Happen If...

It's a good thing Fortune Cookies and Men's author lives in NYC.
I live in the great state of Texas; which, when visiting, Chloe made the observation how wonderful it is that everyone seems to have bike racks on the back of their pick up trucks.
Her uncle could have let that slide- we need all the damage control and better reputation we can get down here- ever since that *thing* from the 60's. "Chloe, those are GUN RACKS!"
So, the above picture is me and Chloe after a big night on the town.
(I am the black cat. Who's last words before the kind officer said, "Watch your head", were, I think- "No, Chloe. Just poke the guy- I'm telling you he's not dead." )


  1. Funny!
    I have friend like that. She lives far from me.
    I always tell to have fun, but remember that I'm too far away to come bail her out.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! Now I know to bring bail money when I come visit!!!

  3. Becky.... great minds... (think alike).

    > Are you also going to decorate your blog for Thanksgiving? It looks SO good! Finally have al the decorations up in the house- but still lake my bale of hay. Raining. Bad day to get hay.

  4. Chloe,

    That would be just rude on my part if you brought bail money when you visit my state. You're my guest. I'll pay.