Monday, November 2, 2009

Are These Two Rules Yours For Success?

It's pretty straightforward and completely measurable for me. Success.
I don't want anyone telling me what to do.
I make more than I spend.

Certainly, the above is a measure of what I consider to be entrepreneurial success only. How many people, perhaps men in particular, have been a tremendous business success, and yet, have bankrupted their family on emotional levels? Is that person a success? I would think not.


  1. You're right. Success is when you make more than you spend, you're emotionally stable, and can take your decisions without anyone telling you what to do.

  2. Sounds good to me! I'm all about simplicity right now.

    You are so good at boiling things down to their essence.

  3. You are absolutely, 100% right!!!

  4. So Rule #3, then, should be: The Buddha could look at me, nod his head and say "Yes, you are emotionally stable."

  5. Excellent rules...for starters.

  6. DUTA,

    Thank you. And also, in your case, when you can travel all over the place and enrich lives the way you do. :)

  7. Polly,

    Aww, I appreciate that. BTW, really dig the new pic.

    I love simple. For instance, I cleaned out my drawers a few weeks ago- made a list of some things I needed. Got two new packages of panties and one package of socks.

    DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO ME! So hooked up. I appreciate simple, simple things.

  8. Chloe,

    You are such a good friend, girl. ;-)

  9. Postman,

    LOLOL! You and me both, Bebe.

    If I could make it an entire month with anyone telling me I appear to be emotionally stable, now THAT'S success! (If you get my drift.)

    Okay, okay. Just in case you don't- it's like P.M.S.- but on crack. That's what I have. Lucky me.

  10. RNSANE,

    Thank you. For someone who's pretty free spirited, I do seem to like rules.

    Uh oh.

    Actually, I was reading yesterday that because I'm highly "ritualistic", that this denotes that my personality tends to lean to that of a high achiever.

    I sorta have a certain way I do practically everything. But then, don't most people?

  11. Is there anyway of turning off your Bubblicious? I hit the mute button, but it seems to go ahead and play anyway. And as it's too big for your sidebar, if there is an off switch, it isn't showing on my screen.

    Everytime I visit, I have to hit the mute button on my laptop.

    Far be it for me to dictate the layout and content of your blog, but sound as optional would be a benefit :)

  12. Kim,

    There's two things I am woefully sucky at doing.

    (1) Cooking

    (2) Computer stuff

    I have an idea though. I'll play with it later and see what I can do-

    In the meantime, Cotton Candy Bubble-icous!
    Anyway, I need to delete some of those unedited songs. Yikes.

  13. Kim, (And everyone else)

    I fixed the problem-ish. Okay. The player is now at the bottom of the page.

    Even though it's still not fullscreen and I do not know why; at least you can hit the button thingies to make it stop.

    How's that?

    I appreciate you saying something.

  14. I like this background. And the silence. My house is too noisy already, as it is rather small and I share it with three children.

    I'm in the market for socks and underwear myself. But I'm very stingy with myself about these things. Last night, though, I was folding clean socks and realized that most of them have holes, so I have no more excuses.

    It strikes me that although you and I have very different outward styles, we approach many things the same way.

  15. Polly,

    Have you read, "The Artist's Way" yet? This book taught me how to change my attitude about underwear and socks.

    Yes, you have no more excuses. Gettya some socks, girl! ;)

    I've noticed that. We do approach several things the same way. Interesting.

    How's G.S. going?

  16. I have the book, but have only read bits and pieces. There are SO many books in my life like that; there's only so many I can read at a time. At one time I could read about six at once, but now that my life is busier, it's more like 3.

    I'm going to email you about GreenSuds.

  17. Like P.M.S. on crack, eh? Emotional instability, eh? Try being a 23-year-old living with his parents. I've got cabin fever, no money for booze, and (unsurprisingly) not even the merest hint of a girlfriend. There's a recipe for emotional instability if ever I heard one. At least the weather's cooled down. If I had to deal with 100-degree heat on top of this I'd likely be up the tower with a rifle by now.