Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're not Gossiping, We're Networking!

"Did you hear she tried to kill herself two weeks ago?" "WHAT!?"

"Yeah. Really. She took sixty nine Tylenol right in front of her husband because she found out he was having an affair. He did nothing to stop her. She claims she was trying to "test his love" or some such stupid thing- she went to a mental institution but they let her out. I don't know why they let her out. They shouldn't have let her out."

This was part of our conversation a few Saturdays ago.

I have to say, though I feel sorry for the aforementioned woman and though we can't fathom, in our wildest dreams, "Who would boink Brad? I mean, Brad? Brad? Eww", it is nice to have a friend who trusts you and who you trust.

Business is only part of the story. You have to have balance.

My friend "A" even tried to show me how to make something in the kitchen last week. There were only 3 ingredients so I think I can handle that. She's going to teach me how to make Christmas stockings too- and I sincerely hope our friendship can long endure it.

(This little monkey, who she says is quite jealous of her husband, sits on her bed- so I thought it was very appropriate!)


  1. The last time I checked, taking 69 Tylenol was better suited to testing whether there's an afterlife than testing a husband's love.

    You have some interesting conversations. And congratulations on using the words "suicide" and "monkey" in the same post.

  2. Maybe she took the Tylenol because she couldn't face boinking Brad anymore...? hehe

  3. What were the three ingredients? I can't help it, I'm curious.

  4. Postman,

    I was under so much stress today- that it was a pure joy to read your comment @ my printer's store.

    I laughed and laughed. I didn't care who heard me. I desperately needed that- thank you. :)

    Stress. I can't think of anything good to say about it.

  5. Chloe,

    You're SO bad, girl. (I like it.)

  6. Polly,

    Promise not to laugh? First promise.

    Okay. Thanks.


    I didn't know how to make it- other than you use avocados.

    I think I'll add a little bit of.. (and this is where my trouble always begins..) and then I wonder why it no longer looks or tastes like quacamole anymore.

  7. Well, my work here is done. Glad I could help you out with a laugh on a stressful day.

    If I might paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, stress is the only sin people sympathize with you for indulging in.
    "Awww, you poor baby, you're all stressed out."
    "Awww, you poor baby, you're a lecher."

    See? One of those just doesn't sound right.

    What were you printing?

  8. Postman,

    Hahahaha. Lecher just doesn't rock at all.

    I was printing some signage for one of my companies- banners plus posters and stuff.

    It's looking good. I've got excellent printers who always go over and above for me. Eric and Michelle? Whatzzup, baybays?