Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Garage Sale Meter

While she returned them but didn't actually say, "You can have these little bishes back", it was definitley implied.

After all, why would my ex mother in law cherish the tiny Pilgrims I lovingly painted for her after I left her adoring son? (Insert tongue in cheek here.)

But it's about the "lovingly painted" part I want to address.
Though it's apparent they've seen better days- no shoes, no nose- I had a great time making those suckers!

And guess what? I'm think I'm going to make some more stuff like this~ even though I know the odds of it ending up in the proverbial garage sale are quite high.

At our house, when we go to buy an item, we ask:
What are the odds of this ending up in a garage sale?
Let's get the meter out and check.
If it's quite likely, we don't buy the item.
If we do purchase the item anyway, I still see to it that it gets used.

Like these:

I tell Emerson, "Look. These sunglasses that everyone knows that all dogs need nowadays were $19.99. I know you're going to put these on and be happy!"
"Do I look happy?"
"I don't care. That's almost 20 bucks, hound."


  1. I like your little pilgrims.

    Does your dog actually wear sunglasses, like, regularly?

  2. Polly,

    Thank you.

    Emerson wears his Doggles about once every two months.

    He has a toy sack that is mesh & has a little doggie head- this is where I keep all their toys. (In the hall closet.)

    He'll cry for his ball or his kong toy- and if I have to dig deep for them, I'll come upon his sunglasses and we will have a showing. lol

  3. Not that anybody cares, but my mother's maiden name is Emerson.

    Did you name him after Ralph Waldo?

  4. Polly,

    I care!

    What a cool maiden name.

    Emerson was named so because it goes with "Eliot". We were looking to do an "e" theme.

    Tony named him about an hour before we even got him or met him. I think he did a great job, as Emerson is an Emerson.

    His nick name is Puppy. We refer to him as The Puppy. And his full nick name is, Emerson Baby Puppy- even though he's seven now.

  5. We have an "e" theme too. Two of my daughters have "e" names - Emma and Eliana.

    Eliana's name came into my head out of the blue about two weeks after I found out I was (VERY unexpectedly) pregnant. I didn't even know she was a girl yet.

    I was looking at baby name books later on, and found out that Eliana is Hebrew and means "my God has answered me." I didn't tell her dad what the name was, but later, when we were talking about names, he said, "If it's a girl, it should be something with an "e."

  6. I have a rather fundamentalist view about gifts. If they were given, they must be kept and cherished, no matter if (ahem) circumstances change. I also believe that if you buy something at a garage sale, you must put it to some purpose, no matter (ahem) the purpose. Good post, another good post.

    So good, in fact, that I nominated you for an award. Head over to my blog and check it out. Should you wish to accept, you'll find it there. It's a joy to read what you write, madam.