Monday, November 30, 2009

Look Ma! An Award!

"Entrepreneur Chick, source of the brassy, witty, no-holds-barred blog of the same name." Is what Postman said about me.

And then he bestowed this award,

of which, I am truly touched and honored; but he didn't say anything about me giving him 20 bucks, so I figure it's legit.

Now Postman asks this:

 I must- tell you seven things you do not know about me.

1. I could drive my father's red tractor, just like the one on Green Acres, before I ever learned how to drive a car, but not before I rammed it into a big, hulking oak tree and it just kept climbing that massive base- up, up and up, and yet- I didn't die, as it would have easily flipped over; because I, in an utter panic, killed the motor just in time. (Yeah, don't do that.)

2. Was very shy. My second grade teacher told my mother: "I know she can talk only because I've heard her on the playground."

3. Accidentally killed my Easter goldfish by "petting" it with a pencil. (Yeah, don't do that either.)

4. Believed in Santa Claus until I was in the sixth grade. It began to be so embarrassing for my mother that she sat me down in the kitchen and said, "There's something I really need to tell you..." Well what else have you lied to me about?! Am I even your real daughter? How could you?

5. Am a little afraid of the dark. There's a blind spot in our home, that when I turn off the final lights at night, spooks me. So I run like a little kid all the way to bed and jump the last 3 or 4 feet until I'm safely inside my covers.

6. Am also terribly afraid my Yorkie, Eliot, might die before I do and then I will die. We have taken codependency to a whole new level.

7. Finally figured out how to make millions of dollars but am no more happy than when I left What's-His-Name (ooooh, FREEDOM) and had a one bedroom apartment with plastic lawn furniture, a blow up mattress, a borrowed pot to cook, a borrowed card table to eat, but the deluxe version of Talking Electronic Battleship, Clue, and Yahtzee. EFF Yah! Now that's living! And screw you because you said I couldn't "make it without you" and all that crap. Who's ya Momma now, beeee-otch?

Now for the seven awesome people I'd like to bestow this award:

1. Chloe: Fortune Cookies and Men.  Transparent, truthful, charming and always humorous.  If you'd like to think of her this way: the exact Chinese version of yours truly, that's fine by me! (Love ya, girl.) I believe she has a unique voice that will be heard on much bigger playing fields in the future.

2. Susan- The Pollinatrix: (But I can't because Postman already beat me to it.) Polly saves me from being the shallow, superficial, blond doofus butt that's become, at times, oh so comfortable.

2. Erin O'brien who's "manual for human beings" is a blow your socks off, great read. I mean, the way this woman thinks is outrageous, gives one pause, and is so creative it's stupid. But she does have a leg up, seeing as how she's a professional writer. You can sign up for her newsletter on her blog so you will never miss a post, because you won't want that to happen.

3. 1950's Atomic Ranch House I am completely enthralled by this blog. I could spend hour after hour just looking at her pictures. They calm me and make me happy. I don't really know why, but they do. There you go.

4. Places With Character~ brought to you by the lovely and always interesting, DUTA in Israel, no less. I think it's so cool how blogging expands one's world. She writes about places and things I'd never think about! (Plus, she's Jewish and I think that's awesome.)

5. Ramblings of the Bearded One: A professional photographer in Scotland, Kim is highly creative, extremely good at what he does, and an engaging read. Besides, I apprectiated the way he took the time to look at one of my businesses and give me some valuable, honest feedback, which probably saved me several thousands of dollars of useless investment.

6. Becky: Dream, Believe, Achieve- What I like best about Becky is that I never know what she's going to write about next, and she always cracks me up. She is also a fellow business owner; which I enjoy.

7. Scandalous Housewife: Retro, saucy, imaginative and pure fun! She's a girl after my own little flamboyant Texas heart.

For those of you who I bestow this award- you must do the same.

List seven things we do not know about you.

Pass the award on to seven blogs you enjoy.

Thank the original sender.

Notify the seven blogs to whom you passed the award.

And Andy, (Postman) I adore reading you- as you've the same qualities I hold dear- honesty, transparency, and a mighty damn good vocabulary; as I've always said, SO Capote of you!  Thank you too, for all your sweet comments here on E.C.; they are always appreciated-  xxooxo!


  1. Come on, who ISN'T afraid of the dark? Like, seriously? You never can tell what might be lurking in there...

    You're very welcome. And thank you for the lovely words you bestowed upon me yourself! Who's honored and touched now?

    P.S. I am GOING to have to read more Capote now so I'll know what a good vocabulary is.

  2. Love you too, Momma!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a true friend and supporter...I am truly honored :)

    And to be called the Chinese version of you? F-ING AWESOME!!!!!

    I could only hope to aspire to such greatness... MUUUAAAHHH!!!!!

  3. Thanks, E.C.!! Thanks for the props. I'm having a big party Friday night, so I'll spend my weekend "soul searching" and return with my list next week!!!


  4. Thank you for your kind words and for honuring me with an award!

  5. Have you thought about having a bedside light?

    Many thanks for the award - I greatly appreciate the thought and the bestowing :)

    Please forgive me if I don't participate on my blog, but I've already done a 7 Things Meme, a 6 weird things and of course the epic 101 things about me. This makes coming up with another original 7 just a bit too tricky.

    But I love the fact you included me - I'm a sucker for flattery - always have been :)

  6. wow!

    That's a nice wake up call. Thanks so much.

    1. I have been kissed inappropriately.

    2. Although I've made the meatballs for tonight, I've yet to brush my teeth.

    3. I love your "back in the day" pic.

    4. I have a secret obsession. I treat it like a ruby cupped in my palm.

    5. I fear what online friends would think of me if we met in person.

    6. I need new socks.

    7. There is a device in the drawer at my right that I call "The Emergency Office Assistant."

    Have a wonderful day EC!

  7. Congratulations - you deserve it! And thank you for seconding the Postman's bestowal of this notable honor upon me. Sooner or later I'll actually get around to mentioning it on my blog, but life has turned into a whirlwind this week.

    Hey, but guess what I've been doing tonight - I made business cards for my writing and editing business, designed the logo myself and everything! I'm meeting with the director of the Chamber tomorrow, so wish me luck, or send me good energy, or whatever.

  8. Postman,

    "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Other Voices, Other Rooms".

  9. Chloe,

    Aww, thanks for your thanks. LOL


  10. Scandalous Housewife,

    Take pics of your party for us, okay? Is this for your birthday?

    Looking forward to your list.

    Marilisa, xxoox- right back attcha!

  11. Kim,

    "But I love the fact you included me.."

    And if you were closer and I had a party, you'd also be on the guest list. ;)

  12. Erin,

    7. There is a device in the drawer at my right that I call "The Emergency Office Assistant."

    Hahahaha. BUT I already know that about you! That video on your blog? Remember how you put the vibrator on your desk, turned it on, and let it vibrate until if fell off but you'd catch it at the last second and look up at the camera like, "Eh? Yeah? Like that? Let's do it again..." Hysterical!

  13. Polly,

    I'm so proud of you! WAY TO GO!

    I can't wait to hear how it went with the Chamber. Let me know either in your post or by email, okay? xxoo