Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When I Don't Want Your Business

"In" and "on" are two small words, are they not? Tiny innocent enough prepositions. But let us be very, very clear. If you, as an entrepreneur, can't figure out the difference between the two, it's going to cost you dearly.

I work "on" my business. I do not work "in" my business.

If a client who's either needy, demanding, or arrogant enough to think they are going to make me work "in" my business, which is what I pay my employees very good money to do, is mistaken.

And before I go on and let this whole motha rip, let me clarify a few more points.

I do not blog to promote any of my businesses. All my clients are other businesses. Secondarily, I'm here writing about what an essence of an entrepreneur is, and guess what? Sometimes it's going to upset a client's apple cart. So, get ready to pick up a few Golden Delicious, boys and girls, because here I go:

What I will say to my client, who I truly do like and respect is: "The objectives of my company have changed, and while it has been a pleasure to serve you, I can not serve you again."

What the whole truth is, which I do not say because it's unprofessional and professionals don't stand there and open up their mouth and tell everything they know- "While I like you well enough, I do not like your staff AND furthermore, I should have charged you an easy five to seven grand more (seeing as how you business meeting-ed me to death and I wrote you a contract that had everything you needed, I got that the first time) and let's say even if I did charge you more, go ahead and triple it, go ahead and quadruple it, go ahead and... and I'd still don't want your business and I'm not playing with you, not even one little bit."

Want a real business advantage? A real, true, surefire advantage ain't nobody can take away from you?


Sure, you name your price. You bet you do. But when something gets too full of bullshit, you walk away.

If you can't do that, you can't win. You can't win because you're going to let money and people control you.

YOU control you.

End of story.


  1. I like it, I like it:

    "I work ON my business. I do not work IN my business."

    "YOU control you".


  2. This is why I follow your blog.

    It's too easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone, when sometimes it's better to just walk away from it. There's a few times I've "fired" a customer. Honey, you can't pay me enough to work with you again.

    Good post.
    and thanks for my award! I'll be back to use it soon.

  3. Really, what on earth is the point of being self employed if you can't refuse to do work for someone? Surely that was at least one of the core reasons many of us gave up working for an employed.

    Some of my most empowering moments have been when I've turned down quite lucrative contracts because I didn't like the people involved and their attitudes. :)

  4. I love it, and have fired clients before too! I used to work in the auto industry where I was literally paid to be sexually harassed on a daily basis. The money was over six figures and I still walked away. Just NOT worth it!!!

    Good for you!!!!

  5. DUTA,

    Why thank you. You know, I write more to myself than to anybody sometimes. I have to remind myself of what I truly believe, and then stand by those convictions.

  6. To "A":

    Who, instead of leaving me a comment, actually called me up and said:

    "I do not know who you are pissed off at but I hope it's not me." And then later in our conversation accused her husband- "WHAT did you do? YOU must have pissed her off!" She's so silly! "A", you silly.

    I want to thank you again for encouraging me and being a good friend and someone I can honestly talk things over with when I hit some bumps. Your call meant a lot and was extremely timely.

    See you Sunday! (What do you want to drink?)

  7. Becky,

    You're welcome- and I appreciate the reason(s) why you follow my blog and am honored that you do.

  8. Kim,

    "Some of my most empowering moments have been when I've turned down quite lucrative contracts because I didn't like the people involved and their attitudes. :)"

    Amen, and pass that plate, Baby Boy- to quote Beyonce.

  9. Chloe,

    I added "A Woman's Worth" by Alicia Keys yesterday- and as I was listening to it today, I thought of YOU.

    You are that woman in the song. Scroll down to my player-

    m, xo

  10. You have incredible common sense and I gain so much from reading your blog. Thanks for sharing so much information.

  11. RNSANE,

    I so appreciate your kind words- it makes me happy that in some way, I am a help.

    Also, I've missed you! You've been well?

  12. I sure wish there was some way I could bookmark all of these posts for future reference. Well, that's the beauty of the blogging archives, I guess. I can just refer back to the stuff you've done like one great big entrepreneurial crib sheet.

    Very sound advice. Wit: 100% maximum. Punches pulled: 0. I like your style.

  13. Postman,

    The title of the book, which I will gift wrap with a red bow for your birthday and even throw in some homebaked double chocolate chip cookies with mulitcolored sprinkels on top is:

    "Entrepreneur Chick~ How to Roll with Da Big Roosters!"

    And this is going to really be a stretch for me, because you know I can't bake.

    A good friend would eat them anyway, you know.

  14. Rules of the game, you know. A woman gives you anything to eat (and I do mean ANYTHING), and you're required by man-law to say it's good. Doesn't matter if it's corroding your esophagus, and the tears are pouring out of your eyes, or you think you're going to launch in T minus ten, you better freakin' say it's good. The woman went out of her way to make you something, for Pete's sake.

    But I'm sure yours would be fine. I'll be on the lookout for that book, I heard you mention it elsewhere in another comment to someone else and I thought, "Hey...wouldn't THAT be neat to read." I gotta have it. How's it coming, by the way? Slated for publication? In-progress? Or out already?

  15. You'e awesome, this post is awesome, so even though the Postman gave you an award already, I'm giving it to you again.

  16. Postman,

    I was offered a book deal but turned it down. Looking for a better one.

    And, thank you- as always. :)

  17. Polly,

    Thank you SO much...

    If we were at the playground, I'd throw the award back attcha and say, "Tag! It's yours AGAIN!"

    When I was in first grade, all the little girls (and me, even though I was like, 28 by then of course- DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!) would tie our little sweaters around our shoulders and pretend to be birds- we'd run around, flap our arms and go: Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

    Yeah, I was always a dork.