Monday, December 28, 2009

Okay, I Got it! Can U?

At first this looks to the untrained eye, to be a massive glump of unmatching choreography- but it's really not.

The key to mastering this dance hinges on two primary things:

(1)You absolutely must change your weight as you dance.

(2) Understanding the dynamics of a ball change step (in tap) as it repeats itself so often-  is a big, fat plus.

If you were here, gentle readers, I could easily show you how.

First take a look at how utterly sharp this looks:

Now, for a closer look as to how it's done, try this:

Another good way to learn, is don't start from the top.
See when the dancers turn around and face the back?
You be "behind" them. That way, it's much easier to follow when you are facing the same way, and on the same foot,
since, afterall,
we are not in the studio.

Take small sections over and over until you master them.
Only then, move on.
By doing that, you are working on what I am SO big on in class-

Muscle memory is what occurs when you are so fluid with the step,
that as you dance, you find you do not even have to think about it!
Dancing just happens!

But just in case you need more help, here is the instructions from the top- enjoy!
(By the way, the music is "I Feel Fine" by Mary J. Blige)

LF - step forward and back 3x

slide right, slide left, slide right

LF - shuffle left 3 counts

Cross LF over RF, alternate 7 counts

slide right, slide left

***LF - point left, tap in, out-in-out

Tap right, tap left, Tap right, tap left

Right knee, left knee

RF half turn, half turn

RF kick front, then back

Body roll, 2x

LF, cross RF, tap left, step back, right-left

Cross RF over LF, alternate 7 counts

slide left, slide right

RF - point right, tap in, out-in-out

Tap left, tap right, Tap left, tap right

Left knee, right knee

LF half turn, half turn

LF kick front, then back

Body roll, 2x

(RF, cross LF, tap right, step back, right-left

LF, cross RF, tap left, step back, right-left) repeat this sequence

LF tap out, RF tap out, turning to the LEFT

6 counts, then body roll

LF tap out, RF tap out, turning to the RIGHT

6 counts, then body roll

LF tap out, RF tap out, turning to the LEFT

6 counts, then body roll

LF, cross RF, tap left, step back, right-left

RF kick front, RF kick side, half turn to the right and RF step back


Note: After 3rd rotation, start from (***)

The last rotation is "slide left, slide right" END OF DANCE


  1. oh my god...i'm so embarrassed right now... :P

  2. This really makes me wish I could get out dancing more often.

  3. I just want you to know that, as soon as eleven o'clock hits and my f*%#ing bandwidth limit is lifted for the night, I will be watching those videos. Then I will leave some worthwhile comment or other.

  4. Polly,

    I wish we lived closer so we could. Wouldn't that be so much fun?

    But of course, you go without me. You'll have some fun- some. lol

  5. Postman,

    I have been a very bad influence on you. Look. You're cussing.

    (It's kinda sexy.)

  6. And just so everyone knows- this dance is like the Electric Slide... on crack.

    This beat: da, da, da, da, da, da, da! Is not at all easy to execute.

    Cross and side and cross ball change! And I mean NOW. If you miss one single beat, you're screwed.

    I've done this so many times that I've looked, at the end, like something the cat drug in.

    But I have it down. Pat.