Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years~ 2010!

Entrepreneur Chick wishes everyone a very happy, safe, blessed New Year's Eve!
We are going to a big birthday New Year's Eve bash for one of our dear friends, and an outrageous entrepreneur who I always learn something from.
How are you guys celebrating?


  1. Happy New Year! We are going to a dinner party with some great friends. She is from New Orleans and the best Cajun cook I know. YUM.

    Have a blast at the party.

  2. Happy New Year Momma!!! Still not sure what we're doing, but it's snowing here in NYC! I sent you a pic of your favorite kitty watching the snow falling this morning :)

  3. Drinking champagne quietly at home, listening to soft music by candlelight.

    May the coming year be the best of your life.

  4. And a Happy New Year to you too! It's going to be a nostalgic New Year's Eve tonight; all four of us are back together again and we're going to spend the night drinking sparkling cider, wearing party hats, whirling noisemakers and watching TV until the countdown.