Sunday, December 20, 2009

Carolers From Da Hood

"Where'd you get them?" asked Amy.
"Cracker Barrel." I replied.
"You got them at the whitest place on earth?! "
"They were on sale."
"You think?"

Amy went on to explain that she knew, most likely, what had happened.
On the order form, where the buyer from Cracker Barrel was supposed to check-

101: White Carolers
102: Black Carolers

"102 Black Carolers" was inadvertently marked. A big, "M'bad", from Da Barrel, the result.

Yet to save the day, along comes a mild mannered (except for me) interracial couple.

Tony has always commented, "We need to get some pictures of some black folks up in here."

Me: Do you say "up in here" because we live on the second floor?
Allison: Oh my God, Tony. They don't make 'em any whiter than that, do they?
Tony: No. They don't.

But that was ten years ago. A lot has changed.
I know some stuff.
People often mistake me for being white, that's how much stuff I know.

For instance, I know that those carolers are really standing in front of an ignited trash barrel to stay warm.
I bet you just see a red tea light from Pier One, don't you?
Uh huh.


  1. Mick,

    Eventually I'm going to write about something more constructive than my various decorations and eating cookies.


    (Glad you thought so.) :)

  2. Ha! Never saw those in any Cracker Barrel before, that's for sure. 'Course, I was in Tennessee at the time...yes, I saw a red tea light. I'm a whitey. But I still do not like sugar in my tea, thanks.

  3. i'm just sayin'...:)

  4. They are pretty darn cute.

    I'll bet the inside of your head is just like a pinball machine. The little ball is going a hundred miles an hour ringing little bells and lighting little lights... and it's always a surprise what's going to come up next.

  5. Postman,

    Haha. No sugar in your tea? It's weird. If I'm out, I'll put sugar in my tea. (Splenda or Sweet & Low, which I'm sure is horrible for you, but I do it anyway.)

    If I'm home, I seldom make tea because I'll drink the whole pitcher and wonder why I can't sleep.

  6. "A",

    I know, you were just sayin'... :)

  7. Becky,

    No one has told me my head is like a pin ball machine.

    I think you are the closest to what's going on inside me than others have been. That's about right!

  8. Yeah, you're really IS time to launch "Fortune Cookies & Crackers"!!!!

    I'm glad they know how to celebrate xmas in the 'hood!

  9. Marilisa- Have I got a sweater for you! I should have thought of it sooner. It's been a crazy three months and I did not take your business advice. There was too much going on in my life to apply myself fully to the sweater business so now... guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas? Email your address to me and I will send it post haste. Warmly, Aly

  10. A friend just sent me a sugared nativity set. She is as non-religious as I am by the way. I've been having fun setting them up in inappropriate positions. Those wise men can be obnoxious!

  11. Aly V,

    Awww, I'm honored! How absolutely sweet of you.

    I can just see it now, it's July 4th and I'm still wearing that sweater.

    Ppl are like, dude, take it off already!
    And then I'm like: seriously? Aly V gave this to me. NO.

  12. Wow,

    When I was very small, my grandmother, in her nursing home, had a sugared swan.

    To this day, I am obsessed with something sugared.

    I used to wonder a great deal how could she have that sitting by her bedside day after day and not eat it!

    All I ever wanted to do when I visted her was to take a big chunch right out of that thing.

    Sooo, your wise men are flamin' gays, huh?

  13. You did NOT get those at Cracker Barrel!! Hilarious!

  14. I love your carolers so much I set them as my background. Eliana loves them too, and is not at all bothered by their color. She points to them and says, "Santa"!

  15. Scandy,

    I know, right?! I honestly did get them at Cracker Barrel.

  16. Polly,

    That is so adorable about Eliana and on behalf of the Carolers from Da Hood, Tony, myself and Cracker Barrel, we are honored that we are your background.


  17. I was curious when you said don't come and read this post, so of course I had to come and see! Love the carolers and the story. Must confess I thought it was a votive light...You guessed it...white! These days it seems you almost have to apologize for being white. I can't help it. I was born that way :)

  18. We're going to have to do something, EC. Polly's still missing. She's probably off somewhere in Albuquerque, dancing her shoes off at some high-end GreenSuds function and having a bunch of cocktails I've never even heard of. Something's got to be done.

    But in the meantime, here's an award. I've nominated you for the I Give Good Blog Award. Check it out at the Sententious Vaunter...

  19. Rhondi,

    I tell Tony that all the time. "I can't help it, I was born this way!"

    I ask him to put self tanning lotion on my back and then he wakes up and finds his palms tan.

    "Oh, sorry. I can't help it I was..."

  20. Postman,

    I'm starting to get more than a little worried. This is not like her. I don't have a number.

    I have her email though. Think I should email her?

    I'm going to give it one more day. That's it.