Sunday, November 15, 2009

And a Big Time Was Had by All

That's what we call it in Texas. A big time. I knew on a ferry headed to Martha's Vineyard when my fellow travelers asked, "Did you have a big time in Boston?" that they certainly were from Texas too.

Here's what the big time looked like from the beginning; this is the staff installing the long catwalk for the fashion show.  From this:

To this:

Guests arrive~ Like my attorney #1, Chuck (and dear friend Jackie)

And my attorney #2, Chad, Chuck's son. (And wife, Julie.)

Because Chad is the eternal babyfaced boy, we like to tease and pretend we say to him, as if he was a three year old who's also hard of hearing:
"Now Chad, this is very IM POR TANT so you had better go get your Daddy."
Truth be told, you don't want to see either of these guys as opposing counsel.

Many of my friends, who I refer to as "The People Who Run Stuff", are elected officials like Bobbie Mitchell~
Ex mayor of the town I live in and now serves as County Commissioner.

LOVE her!

Many more guests were still arriving by this time but I decided a nice glass of chardonay and visiting with every body was more fun so, no more pics of guests arriving. M'bad.

The show begins!

That's my girl Kim, and Mark explaining the various charity donations that will be made this evening and the order of events; which are, fashion show, after party and casino!

Here they come!

A few of the models wore actual clothes, but I didn't want to bore you.

Okay, you got me. Actually, I've learned when selecting a new camera that perhaps one might need more infomation to go with instead of: "I'll take the pink one please."
My camera did not perform well in low lighting, additionally, when the models came to the end of the catwalk, my timing was off as I'd "click!" and then they'd turn and head back- so I have a lot of pictures of dim and fuzzy models with their back's turned.
So just imagine if you will, about 200 models all modeling- and there you have it!

Our fashion show dancers, ooooh, la la- aren't they gorgeous?

The casino opens!

A win!

The three girls are winning, but I know the forlorn guy on the right has already lost and is just hoping to get lucky with the blond dealer.

"Oh crap. It's a very bad night-" says the man in the striped shirt to himself.

And now he's crying.

The spirit of the evening was best captured by these two.

This is who I called, "Mr. Fun Guy" because he was an excellent dancer and he'd say during the after party, "Okay, it's time to model now!" And we'd all pile up on the catwalk and strut our stuff when he said we could go- because I told him, "You're in charge." Then he looks at the girls and I and says, "I'm in charge. Go!"

You know how you drink and just want to get up on the bar and dance sometimes? (You want that sometimes, right?) Well, we danced all night on the catwalk like this, whenever we felt like it.

This is my new girl, Kat- a class act all the way. I told her last week over martinis, you and me will dance to "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz- and boy did we ever!

I adore this girl! Nichole (left). I don't know the other girl but I'm sure she's nice.

This is my general manager, Brandon, who's been with me for three years but likes to round up and say four. He also calls me "Momma", and loves to do so in crowded rooms to see me look up and say, "what?!" or picks up the microphone and says, "Momma, come here I need you", but knows me well enough to boss me around a little and demand, "Momma? I got this. Go sit down, you're making nervous."

Brandon is pictured with one of my favorite girls of the night. She was way fun.

See the party girl on the far right? That's actually my banker, Kenda. Every time I open a new account she takes me out to lunch at nicer places even than Jack in the Box.

But Kenda pulls me forcibly off the dance floor by my arm and tells me, "Marilisa, I need you to listen to me. This is IM POR TANT. See my friends over there? They are very, very wealthy. I need you to go talk to them."
"Gosh, Kenda. I can't right now. Kim's song (Boom Shak A Lak) is on and she can't do the dance moves to it without me!"
She's a great banker but sometimes her priorities are out of whack.

These are my awesome friends, Brandy (right) and Angie (left).

Angie made me laugh so hard because she knew every word complete with dance moves to the Miley Cyrus song, "And a Britney song was on, and a Britney song was on- so I put my hands up and was movin' my hips..." and performed them flawlessly on the dance floor.

It was truly wonderful to dance and laugh with my friends like that- at one point I had this moment of clarity, I guess you'd say, and I thought to myself,
how blessed am I? Look at this. This is my life. So lovely sometimes.

These poor white folks though. The dance floor is packed and they're all (trying) to do The Cupid Shuffle, and half are over here, half are over there.

"D.J., turn off the music!" I say.
No sound.
Everyone turns and looks at me, startled.

I take the mic and thus begin my discourse:

"Just what do you drunks think you're doing? First of all, everyone face me. Good. Now, everything I do, you do, okay?"

Parking on the dance floor. Come on now...

But I'm starving! (Too distracted to eat.)  This food was left unattended. I know it's horribly wrong to steal but- I snapped this shot of my last few bites!

To save the police trouble, can you spot who still has your cheese and is not letting go for dear life, in this line up?


And just about that time, they all start doing this:

Would you look at that? Yeah, it's SO time to go~ it's 1:00 a.m.!

But not for the girl after Entrepreneur Chick's own heart, the house lights are on but she's still dancing to "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart.

All that was left behind was red and black boa droppings.
That, kids, is what you call a genuine, died in the wool, BIG TIME!


  1. Looks like we missed all the fun since we left so early!! You did look really awesome in your dress :). A

  2. Man, you said you had an EVENT this Saturday, not a shindig this grand (oh, excuse me, a "big time")! Looks and sounds like an absolute blast. I like the sassy way you describe things and people. Lot of colorful characters at this event here. Glad it was such a ball! Sounds like it was worth all the effort you put into it. I take it you pulled off the little black dress (er, so to speak)?

  3. She more than pulled it off :), she looked awesome!!

  4. Sounds like it was smashing success! I'm happy for you that you had so much fun.

    Random Observaion #1: That venue is eerily like I pictured it would be.

    Random Observation #2: There are more blonde people in these photos than we have in the entire state of New Mexico.

    Indignant Question: So where's the pic of you in the hot dress we heard so much about, huh?

  5. @Pollinatrix, I JUST asked her the same indignant question!!!!

  6. Chloe, we'll just have to keep hounding her until she posts it.

    Postman - you wanna get in on this? I know you want to see it too!

    All together now - Black dress! Black dress! Black dress!

  7. Black dress! Black dress! Black dress! Come on, you can't leave us in the dark like that. I combed back through all these pics when I reached the end, searching for one of YOU. I am extremely disappointed, madam.

  8. "A",

    At this point, two days later, I hate to confess that the fun might have been an early bedtime. I'm still exhausted.

  9. Polly,

    "That venue is eerily like I pictured it would be."

    I find this statement very interesting. Are you intuitive? You must be.

    I get the same vibes like that all the time.

    Interesting that in knowing me, you'd subconsciously connect to the feel of the venue.

    Af for the blonds, I belive that "The People Who Run Stuff" must have passed a law similar to "offsides" in football.

    There will surely be a fowl if there are not enough blond people in Texas, in any given room, at any given time.

    Should you find yourself in a room with too many burnettes, everyone will wait patiently until more blonds arrive to resume play.

  10. Postman,

    Aww, thank you! Yes- it was a "grand" big time.

  11. Polly, Postman, Chloe-

    Okay! Okay!

    If you go back and look at the picture under "busted!", that's ME, fourth from the left. I'm holding the cheese. That's my dress, those are my legs. LOL

    The deal is, I had three photos taken that night of myself. One was blurry, I didn't like my hair in the other, and one looked like I had saggy boobs because I glued that stupid bra on too low!

    We had a photographer there taking pictures of the guests on a Harley. She has not posted them to her gallery yet- but if it's another saggy boob shot, it won't matter.

    Tell you what?

    How would all of you like it if I took a black dress pic just for you?

    At some point this week, maybe on Sat. (we'll see) I'll do that special for you.

    I can't stand this pressure anymore.

  12. "A",

    Thank you for the compliment! AND we had so much fun at your house last night.

    (The cigar made me cross though. Don't tell Tony- they are too worth enjoying them! I'm going to do my best to act nice for the rest of the day.)

    Feel wonderfully relieved for you guys.

    Now everyone can enjoy our holiday, which we are sooooo looking forward to.

  13. And just so everyone knows- I don't have saggy boobs.

    I think I might have left that part out.

  14. Not like I won't, at some point, have saggy boobs. This will probably happen.

    I will, however, still be able, I think, do execute a reasonably good Cha Cha- so maybe it won't matter.