Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes I Argue With My Calendar

My calendar asks me- "6 Most Important Things to do Today?"
SIX? Really, six? I mean, two or three- four at the most, but six?
Naw. Think of it this way- I suppose people on average, go to work, for what, 8 hours a day? Eight hours. If I did six things in eight hours, that's 1.3 important things to do each hour!
That's a job, if you ask me! (And if you've been reading me for anytime at all, you know how Entrepreneur Chick feels about a job. No, no, no thanks.)
Perhaps I could simply invest in a new calendar/planner; but I've grown accustomed to this one- even if I don't agree with it so much.
I adhere to the theory that it works far better to set your goals on something that is lofty- as an example, two and a half years ago I started working on a business I knew absolutely nothing about, and then break that goal down into small, NOT SIX Important-Things-To-Do-Today steps!
Something small over time, is more effective than something large one time.
This is a principle that advertisers will tell you- yet I find it to be true in just about anything else in life.
Another way to think of it- "It's not the five minutes, it's the every day."
I think a great many people today berate and beat themselves up because they do not feel as though they are Super Hero Overachievers. While it's true we can do better sometimes, it's also true that slow, sustained and steady progress will most definitely aid us in reaching our goals and what we truly desire.
A few weeks ago, my fortune cookie read- (love sushi!) "You will obtain your goals if you maintain your course." Wow. I know it!
Just a leetle bit each day. Keep at it. Don't knock yourself in the head and burn yourself out and drive everyone around you crazy with your singular irritating focus!
6 Important Things to Do Each day? Try one or two. Then look back after two or three years- maybe even five, and just see if you don't knock your own socks off!
As for that business I started over two years ago- here's a good one. I launched a luxury product and service in a faltering economy! Oh, soooooo smart. Ha.
But I didn't give up. I figured out how to re-tool it and pitch it to job seekers so that they can secure the jobs they are after. It's strictly an e-commerce, affordable business now, which, over time, will produce like gang busters.
Little by little, I've been working on changing it. I didn't do it all at once- but I kept at it. And am still at it. Eventually, it will produce.
Sometimes entrepreneurs can feel as if they are pushing a boulder up a hill- it's okay- keep pushing. The hill will be there tomorrow and so will the boulder. It's because of obstacles, that you are, after all, an entrepreneur. If it was easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur.

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