Friday, June 12, 2009

Really Want it? Write it Down

I'm not exactly sure when I discovered the amazingly ridiculous power of writing something down.
Perhaps it was a little over 10 years ago when my life was in an absolute mess and I read a book called, "The Artist's Way".
Interestingly enough, this book was mentioned this week by someone in my local Chamber of Commerce doing their spotlight talk about their business.
In any case, in the book, "The Artist's Way", the reader is encouraged to write what's called, "Morning Pages." The purpose of these morning pages is so that one can clear their mind, or as they are writing, get into what's really bothering them. Hence freeing you up to create without distraction.
Over and over again, I'd see a common theme. When I'd write about this one particular person in my life- most everything I wrote was, as a very good friend characterized our relationship- "problematic"- and that was putting it mildly.
I remember writing and have saved this- "I can either take a risk and do nothing or take a risk and do something. If I do nothing, I'm still going to be in this same boat."
Granted, that was not a "specific and measurable goal". Nor did this goal have a time value on it- "I'll take a risk in one month." However, this general idea that I gave myself of changing a very bad situation, seemed to give me three powerful things:
(1) Awareness
(2) Accountability
(3) Action
Hmmm. There's the Triple "A"s. Not to be confused with roadside assistance, but ironically enough- it's pretty much roadside life assistance, is it not?
Once I wrote down a few things that were extremely relevant and important to me- sure enough- I began to see my life changing.
No. Not all at once. Small things at first. A little bit at a time. But great changes start with just a few small things that will snowball into very large, good things!
We have a saying around our house, "How do you eat an elephant?"
"One bite at a time!"
I read a book once, when I was very down and despondent and so tired of being tired- and going through the Oh-Here-We-G0-Around-the-Same-Mountain scene. It practically fell off the shelf in the bookstore!
"I've Been Poor. I've Been Rich. Rich is Better- How every woman can find economic security and personal freedom" by Judy Resnick
"Ha!" I said out loud. And then silently thought to myself that you'd have to look very long and very hard to find someone, as the country song says, "jacked up" more than myself.
So between my morning pages pointing out to me that things were very bad and I better do something about it- and the VERY idea that maybe I can get some economic normalcy in my life- (Thank you, Judy Resnick) I began writing down and posting somewhere- maybe just a private drawer at first, but writing down and posting what I expected and what I wanted and what I was going to do.
This is exactly when my life turned around for the better. I am not exaggerating- my life has not been in the toilet since that time.
Sure, I've dealt with some issues- but what I'm talking about is how I have a control and a plan and healthy, happy situations to live in as comparative to how it was before.
More tomorrow on the process I used and how you can use it too!


  1. Excellent post! I remember those days well, and I still marvel at the way you pretty much willed yourself into different and better circumstances.

    I think far too many of us never realize the power--real power, and a LOT of it--that lies within each of us. Writing it down is a great way to draw a shape around that power, name it and seize it.

  2. Hey EC...I like your blog.

    I agree with you regarding toxic people. I have had my share of venomous associations.
    Hang in there…OU

  3. Robin,
    Thank you! Those days seem like they were someone else's life, you know? As I think I've told you before- I didn't know how weirded out things were until I started telling you- oh yeah, and this happened and that happened... I could "feel" you over there going, WTH?!
    Can you even imagine what would have happened if I stayed? :::shuddering:::::..... BTW, Budget Girl is looking SO excellent. y'all.

  4. OU rules! Awww, thanks so much! I look forward to seeing you Tuesday and also- Susan and I need to get together with you about that cool thing we were talking to you about.

  5. So so true! I was away for the last two weeks and missed blogging and reading my favorite blogs. Did you ever read Bird By Bird by Ann Lamott? Same idea as the elephant. Her son (or maybe it was her) waited until the last minute to do a big project on birds of America or something. How can I ever get it done now? Bird by bird. I love that.

  6. LOL! I was worried about you because you've been SO quiet. I'm going to read your latest post now- glad to have you back!
    "Bird by Bird"- I will be sure and look that book up. Thanks. :-)