Sunday, June 7, 2009

I am Not Surpised- No, not one Bit

Apparently, though I wrote just days ago, "They send up so many red flags (referring to toxic people) you wouldn't even consider hiring them."
But we are slammed right now, and will continue to be slammed like this through the rest of the summer. Which is a very good problem to have. I'm grateful for that.
One person on our staff didn't show up to work today. I am not the least bit surprised, upset, shocked- and I am NOT going to launch into a frenzy or tantrum of any sort. We handled it by calmly calling a faithful person who's in reserve today and asked if he could do the work. He could.
Here's why I'm not freaked out that this guy flaked.
About 4 months ago was my last dealing with him. Our general manager was training him on a job; both he and I were seeing if we had a match. So far, so good. I asked him to show up the following week to do a project and never heard back. I knew then to cut him loose!
But his name and services were called into play again this week because we need the help. Let me ask you, fellow business owners- what good is this kind of help?
What good does it do to employ people who you- as I always say- have to babysit?!
In short- goodbye, Mr. Flake-azoid!

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