Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Write it Down~ But Don't Over Analyze

We left off in the last post with these main thoughts-

(1) Awareness

(2) Accountability

(3) Action

Which if I were to describe exactly what happened after I wrote down what I really wanted, happened.

First, one must be aware of a few things. Anger. Which I've read somewhere, "Is a road map." Anger and things going wrong all the time are actually turning points into better things~ if you are aware that you ain't too happy with the status quo.

One then writes down an antithesis to that anger. The anger trigger could be- "I don't like what's going on around here."

Writing down what you want would look something like this~

"I want out of here."

You are aware, you don't like it.

And you have written down what you want- out!
At this point you are accountable to yourself for the fact that you are not happy and you want to do something about it. To continue to do nothing about it- is not the answer. You've already done that. You can't go back to that same starting point again. You are forever accountable to the fact that you'd like to make a change. And so you will.

Which brings us to our third and final step in this analysis-


This is where you give "legs" to what you want. Put some feet to it. Let the rubber hit the road. Start putting into action those things that will accomplish your goals.

You want out- so what are some ideas that you are going to put in action to get you to that end?

Or, let's say you don't like your job and have always toyed with the idea of a business. What do you want? Even if it sounds crazy- unobtainable- write it down anyway.

You will find yourself, after you write it down, saying "no" to things that would lure you further away from your goal, and "yes" to things that will draw you closer and ever closer- to what you really want- to obtain your goal!

Just see if it isn't so. Get those pens out. Ready? Make your list. I dare you.

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