Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If You Mess With Me, You Mess With the Whole Trailer Park

If you took the time to research, craft, write, and rehearse a speech that no one listened to- how would it make you feel?

I couldn't believe the flagrant disregard I witnessed last night at a high school graduation! I finally turned around and told those ghetto-fied hillbillies, "This isn't a ball game!"

Nonetheless, amongst loud and continual ramblings, "What- I -did -on- that damned- golf course- and- where's- cousin- Alma- at?' I did manage to hear a few words of the valedictorian's speech, which was riveting- albeit not so much appreciated by the Pickled Pig Feet consuming crowd. Sorry, Dad. Eww.

She had described a man who had climbed Everest and thus found himself, nature against him, and in very dire straights. He would die if he didn't get down, he would probably most certainly divorce and destroy his family if he did- as his goals and the relentless pursuit of them made him realize that, moments from death on the unforgiving mountain- the only thing of true value was, in fact, his family.

The valedictorian's whole point, I think, was pursue your goals but not to the exclusion of what's truly important- the ones you love and the ones who love you back.

As for me- I am relentless. I always do have a plan. But I take naps. I slow down when I need to. I pace myself. I spend time with my family and also keep a blog about all the fun things we do together- but true to my style- we have 52 things in common and 52 projects yet to enjoy.

Business can be a great beguiler. I mean, we do need to make some money, right?

Interesting perspective coming from someone so young. I'd tell you more of what she said but, gosh darn it, I lives in Texas and there's no gettin' around that thar fact sometimes.

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