Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, Thank You- Blogged!

Blogged's tag line is: "Find better blogs".

"Entrepreneur Chick is a unique voice in the primarily male dominated field of entrepreneurship. With her pithy anecdotes and interesting, timely and relevant content, Marilisa encourages and brings out your inner "Entrepreneur".
Listed in: Business, MarketingRelated Topics: business, entrepreneur, management, money, start your own company, success, entrepreneur chick "

Entrepreneur Chick was accepted- and not everyone gets accepted.

:::dancing around::::......

I feel good----

dooo doo daaa doo dah doooo

Like I knew I would now------

dooo dooo daaa dooo dah doooo----

See? Blogged knows a good Chick when they see one.

Or was it my cute miniskirt, stiletto heals and my bustier?

Again, thanks. Really.

1 comment:

  1. I am proud of you! You go, girl.