Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Opportunity Can Happen In the Most Unexpected Places~ Which is Why I Still Love Being an Entrepreneur

I personally, didn't buy a franchise. I personally, wouldn't want to buy a franchise. I have absolutely nothing at all against people who do- but for me, I like to see what's going to happen if I think up something, create it, stand back see if it works.
When one buys a franchise, most of the attraction to that endeavor is because the kinks have been "un-kinked" and the cash flow has some reliability.
Those type of things look pretty safe to me; and therefore, I am left cold and uninterested. I've learned I can not plug my extension cord into someone else's socket.
I'd rather come up with an idea and do everything it takes to brand and market that idea, than to have all that "done" for me. But that's just me.
Last year, a completely simple yet amazingly profound thing happened to us.
My husband had merely gone to the front of a particular facility, owned by our client at the time, to drop off some more of the material that one of our staff was using there.
No big deal. Nothing earth shaking about that in any way.
However, here's what happened:
The owner of the business across the street was in delivering some items to our client- as aforementioned.
This business owner, casually turns to my husband, who, mind you, was leaving, and inquires; "I have a question to ask you. I was wondering if you guys can do Blah, Blah, Blah for me?"
"Of course, we can do Blah, Blah, Blah," my husband confidently shot back.
Gentle reader, we had never done Blah, Blah, Blah. But when presented with a scenario that seems like a good deal with a good cash return, you better bet your booty we will figure it out!
And so we did. Come to find out, "Blah, Blah, Blah" was extremely popular and more importantly profitable in the East Coast. Not only that, Texas, where we live, has not even begun to brand this particular idea in the market place.
Say it with me kids: "I see an opportunity!"
Over the next several weeks and months, we started researching intently and creating an identity for, let's call it, The Three B's. (Blah, Blah, Blah)
I had such a great time coming up with the name, the logo, the verbiage, the website, the marketing piece (but we also have a great graphic designer and printer) and so forth. Some people take drugs to get high. I get completely over-the-moon ecstatic when I create. Just love it. I thrive on it. I feel myself coming to life when I do it.
The Three B's, as it turns out- is not any small idea. Over time, and not much time- this one idea will gross ridiculous cash flow. It's already in place. It's already working. It's going to out-perform our existing company even! (Who is the parent company- the new company,The Three B's, being a spin-off.)
Again, not to down people who prefer to buy franchises- I'm just saying that I like not knowing what's going to happen and then making something entirely unexpected- happen.
As I've said before, I'm lousy at administration and office work because, well, it's administration and office work. (:::::twirls hair::::::....rolls eyes::::: yawns:::......) But after I've created something of value- I'll leave it to those who have possess those skills far better than I. (My accountant, my bookkeeper, my attorney, my general manager, etc.) So in a way, I have my own, built in, mini-franchise going on.
If you are like me, or you like the idea of jumping onto something as it presents itself- really listen to what people are saying to you and asking you for. It very well just might be, as in Charlie's case, The Golden Ticket.

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