Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Balancing Act is Ongoing and Important

There are a few things that I do each day, that I have to do each day, if I want to feel good and thrive. If I reject any of these for just a day or two, I quickly feel the pain of bad decisions.
It occurs to me that, for an entrepreneur, there's two "balancing acts" that are in play.
The first act has to do with one's personal life.
The second act has to do with one's professional life.
I am much more strict with myself in terms of my personal life than I am regarding my professional life, oddly enough!
I wrote a few posts ago that I do not believe there are really six most important things to do each day- these daily rituals that I'm going to share with you now, are important enough that I've written them down- but do not write them down each and every day.
My Personal Life- The Balance I Maintain to Keep Me on Course-
There are five rituals I keep every day or every other day. These are things I've deemed important and that help me function optimally. These are things that are in place because I'm looking at the long term aspect that they each help produce, as well as the short term aspects that helps me sustain a healthy life.
My 5 Rituals:
(1) Read the Bible.
(a.) Proverbs for that day. If it's July 2nd, it's Proverbs Chapter 2. And it's pretty neat that there are 31 chapters total.
(b.) Pick up where I left off in the Old Testament. (Numbers 14) (Those Assyrians were some terribly MEAN people! They'd even torture the children of their enemies- I do not like Assyrians. Nope.)
(c.) Pick up where I left off in the Psalms- 24.
(d.) Pick up where I left off in the Gospels- Mark 9:30
(e.) Pick up where I left off in the New Testament- II Corinthians. 5:1
Keep doing that until I can't anymore. (Sickness, death, the rapture!)
(2) Eat Right
(a.) Boiled egg & teaspoon of peanut butter for breakfast.
(b.) Boiled egg & teaspoon of peanut butter for lunch.
(c.) Fish and vegetables, sushi or noodles for dinner. I don't eat red meat. It's fattening and I think everything takes like a shoe. Yuck.
(d.) Eat nothing past dinner!
(e.) Two glasses red wine- evening.
(f.) Drink lots of water.
Don't be alarmed. I am not starving myself. I change this up when I go out and I go out a lot! Luncheons, galas, mixers, cocktail parties, dinner with friends- but overall, when I home, that's how I eat. My system purrs like a kitten doing this- and I never struggle with my weight.
3. Work Out- I set the timer for 30 minutes and lift weights, dance and work on my flexibility. I usually work out to videos I've downloaded. Pussy Cat Dolls are a favorite! Heh, heh. "When I grow up I wanna..."
4. Skin Care- Always remove makeup and put on my goop at night. Goop: whatever "they" say is the best skin care on the market right now. I change my goop about once a year.
5. Shower- at night. Because if you know me at all, you know I'm not a morning person. All the Starbucks in the world injected right into my veins each day, will not make me a morning person. I practise this ritual because this way, when I wake up, I'm already done with that chore and I have the rest of the time for hair, makeup, and wardrobe. (Yawn.)
My Professional Life- The Balance I Maintain to Keep me on Course-
(1) Keep building my asset column (businesses) and systems (a predictable structure inside each business that is executed the same way each time) to employ people who are more talented and smarter that I am. I succeed because I find people much better than myself. Before too much longer, what is brought in through my asset column will far exceed what's going out. I will bring in more than I spend. I will consistently see a surplus.
(2) Stay educated: when I read, it's usually for business. Though I've not listed all or any of the business books I've read on my profile. Right now, I'm reading a book by Bruce Painter called, "The Giving Zone" as he came and spoke to our Chamber of Commerce luncheon last month. It's okay, not earthshaking, but I paid for it so... I have learned a couple of principles I have been thinking about for a few days.
That's it. That's all I do. That's my balancing act.
So many times people will say to me, "Wow. You wear a lot of hats! Wow. You must be really busy! Wow. Do you ever sleep?!"
To be honest, I'm moderately busy. I'm as busy as I want to be. (Which is moderately busy.) I think people confuse the fact that because I own more than one company- I must be really busy. No. The systems that I built into each company are busy, I, personally, am not. It's the systems that are working- not me. I structured my businesses to perform that way intentionally.
I do not take my personal time to do anything in my businesses, unless I am working on building a system!
That's it!
I'm going to the park now!

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