Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stay In Front of "Em Part Two~ Make an Offer!

When advertising, even all the best graphic design, color scheme, logos and branding will not add up to much without an offer.
If you do not make an offer, you might as well stuff your advertising dollars down one of these- as in the end, all will be for naught.
Why should you make an offer? Because when you make an offer, you've done three important things:
(1) Introduced your product or service at an introductory discount.
(2) By introducing your product or service at a discount, you've made yourself more compelling.
(3) Put a sense of urgency in the consumer by using your offer in a time sensitive manner- that will move that consumer to investigate you further.
Let me share an example from one of my companies.
When we advertise to a particular market that we'd like to hone in on- the reason why we do it is because my company knows that this particular consumer is primed and ready to buy.
We send a timely, awesome, (I think it is) unique mail piece to them, which is completely compelling in that there is a plain-to-see coupon in the back.
Why is a coupon important? I happen to know, that even though this is a business to business direct mail- the end user that will open my advertising is someone who, in their personal life, is a coupon clipper!
I have related to them deep where they live day to day. Also, the second thought that this customer of mine will have; 'Gee, and if I use them, I'd be saving the company money!"
Now, I'd love to tell you that quality is the only reason people buy from me; but I'm just not that stupid.
Is Mc Donald's the best hamburger you've ever had? Of course, not! But why did you go there? You had your reasons. Fast. Convenient. You only had a dollar. Ha.
People are loyal to one thing. ONE THING. Let's shout this point from the rooftops.
People are loyal to the dollar.
If your company is offering a way to save the consumer a dollar and still manages to do a superior job, you're in like syrup on a pancake! Pass da butter.


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