Monday, July 27, 2009

Stay In Front of 'Em!

The good folks at Vista Print live and die by this creed, I can tell you emphatically.
They will use a holiday, of course, to promote their products- but really just because the sun has happened to come up that day- is a good enough reason for a sale at Vista Print!
They understand the intrinsic value of staying in front of their costumers with new products and new services.
As an example, I checked one of my email accounts and in it I find that there's a "BIG 24 HOUR SALE" going on. Last week, it was the "BIG WEEKEND SALE". Before that it was, "THE VALUED CUSTOMER SALE".
Frankly, I don't think that Vista Print's products are anything to write home about, as far as quality goes, the local printer I use is much better. But when I'm ready to order a few items that do not have to be that heavy hitting- sure- I'm going to think VistaPrintVistaPrintVistaPrint; because they've done such a bang up job of staying in front of me.
It's easy to be in business when you happen upon something that works very well, to settle back in your cozy easy chair, cigar and brandy snuffer, and let your marketing work it's magic. After all, it worked before.
But the world is constantly changing; new ideas abound. New ways to market faster, better, leaner, emerge.
Stay in front of that customer! Learn to be on the cutting edge. Make the most of and capitalize upon existing trends. Sometimes, it's not necessary to re-invent the wheel- just get inside the car where the wheels are spinning!
Get in front of them, but always- without fail, make an offer.
The why and how to make an offer- continued tomorrow.

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