Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Have a Business- Stuff Comes Up

Entrepreneur Chick tends to write about whatever is in front of her that day. Yesterday threw me a curve ball I didn't see coming, and couldn't have seen coming.
What was particularly frustrating that the nature of the event was such that it rendered me ridiculously unprofessional in that I could not keep my business appointments, of which several people- a woman from a non-profit group, MY OWN STAFF, two of my students, a man that I'd like to hire and other friends who came out to support me, and yet, I was not there.
What to do in an emergency? Well, here's what not to do. Don't get so frustrated that you throw your phone, like a two year old being told they can't have a cookie, against the wall! Funny thing though is that now my phone actually works better after it's been woefully abused, than before. Go figure.
Nonetheless, things unforeseen and uncontrolled, can and do happen and certainly, they can happen to entrepreneurs as well as anyone else in the world. I explained to all my contacts earlier today and they all forgave me. It's nice to be forgiven and understood.
One another note, this is very sad. A photographer in the Chamber with me was merely changing his oil and while in the garage, a coiled gun, (which you know the kind in commercial garages?) went off but hit him directly in the eye. He's probably going to lose his eye. Who would have thought? An innocent thing like changing your oil? No drunk driver or anything. And he's a photographer.
There but for the grace of God go we all.


  1. What a freak accident! I'm so sorry for your friend.

    RE: my daughter-in-law--yeah, I had to slap her a little, but I lover her!

  2. Eva, I told your daughter-in-law story (very dramatically, of course) to my husband! He's like, she only needed bifocals? Yeah. I thought she was dying too! I know!