Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do you think?

I'd like your opinion. Entrepreneur Chick has the opportunity to add to her menagerie by adding a free parrot! Think I should?
I've always said once opportunities are seized, they multiply!
How do you think the parrot will get along with WilburDonkey2?
Seriously. Mike and Lucia want to get rid of their parrot and tonight, when I talked to him his eyes dilated and we had a "moment".
I'm in love. I've got to have him and will include him along with WilburDonkey2 in my petting zoo.
Do I hear 20? In the back for 20? Do I hear 60? Going once, going twice....
Lucia said, and I quote,
"Marilisa, I've never met a hustler like you in all my life."
Now that, my friends, is a the best compliment an entrepreneur can EVER receive.
Lucia, thank you.

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