Monday, May 25, 2009

The Real Reason I'm an Entrepreneur- 'Cause it's Fun!

My very first post was about two reasons why I'm an entrepreneur- and I mentioned (1) Freedom and (2) Control- which is certainly true.

When I was little, my sister would watch me during the day.
She decided to have a thing called, "Fun Fridays". I will never forget "Fun Fridays". All week, I looked forward to Fun Friday. When I was 4, that's mostly how I learned the days of the week- Monday? Not Fun Friday. Tuesday? Nope. And so forth.

I never had to be sold on fun. I love fun. I probably love fun way too much.
If it's not fun, I'm not highly motivated to do it, I'm sorry to say. I'm rather like an overgrown child in that respect.

So, to analyze my life right now- this is what it looks like.

I basically do three things.

(1) Go to cocktail parties, luncheons and galas. Fun!
(2) Have business meetings with all kinds of people. Fun!
(3) Think of ways to make my business (es) relevant in the market-place and invent new, creative strategies to that end. Fun!

People tell me a lot that I'm enthusiastic. It's probably because I'm having a great deal of fun- which translates into enthusiasm. It also translates into money because I'm sincere when I tell you about my product(s) or service.(s)
Or even your product and service because it's not just about me and my agenda (which gets pretty boring over the long haul) and that's not, say it with me- fun! I enjoy it when other people I know are successful- again, fun. That makes me very happy. Because I learn a lot from successful people- which is fun.

Because I'm having fun, I'm a natural promoter. This is very important in business. You've got to be able to promote your product and service- communicate your message. Stand out in the market.

I'm sure you've noticed it's a highly competitive world out there.
So many people are doing things that they simply don't enjoy. Showing up at jobs they loathe- but, when you're having fun- you now have a big, fat, honking edge over the competition you see.

You've heard "happiness is a choice"?
Fun is choice too. Chose to do what brings you pleasure. Go ahead...
What's the worst that can happen?
What if you chose to do what brings you pleasure and now you make a six figure income? What about that?
Go out and have some FUN!

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't blog today but it was, again, more fun to blog than not to blog. I am going to the cemetery in a little while though. Do you think plastic flowers look tacky on graves? Sometimes I wonder if my family minds all the junk I bring them, stuff I would never have at our home!

I think they say to themselves, "Oh Lord. Here she comes again! For God sakes woman, turn down that horrid hippity- hop song- we have neighbors! She ain't nothin' but a gold digger indeed! Well, if I wasn't already dead... What's that? Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no! A green and purple spinning froggie that jingles in the wind? I lived my life to the best of my ability and I get a spinning frog? Well, our only solace is that she'll also be dead one day and maybe some Who-Ha descendant of hers will leave some crap on her final resting place. Oh, good grief. Is this from the Dollar Store?"

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  1. I agree. We should have fun. Does everyone know the most fun way to exercise? I do!