Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Your Own Rules

This has been on my mind today~
Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because of two basic reasons.
1. Freedom
2. Control

So many people waste a lot of time trying to fit into someone else's program; someone else's rules. Why not create your own program and your own rules?

I am an entrepreneur- bottom line- because I can't stand being told what to do nor how to do it.

It's not that we are not teachable, because being good at being an entrepreneur means you're going to learn and have to love learning- we just will decide exactly "what" and "how", thank you very much.

I thought of a new idea for a another business today (I have four) but I did tell a very good friend of mine to kick me in the shins if I ever say, "Gee, I have this great business idea!"

Well, she doesn't know about this blog and you're not going to tell on me, are you?


  1. I like that photo in the gold costume - reminds me of an article I once read about you. Also, that so-called "sexy girl," above, has nada on you, as I'm sure Tony will agree. All of the hints about entrepreneurship are great. One of your dogs is Jewish? That's funny. Odds are he's managing the career of the boxer.
    I'm not much of a blogger (almost NEVER), but in your case, it's worth it.

    John LaVine

  2. John,
    You are always so funny and insightful.
    I once thought of just filming my dogs and putting them on YOuTube- calling it, "The Adventures of Emerson and Eliot". But you know, Eliot would get so angry about not getting top billing; I can hear them fighting now. It just wouldn't be worth it.
    Anyway, did you read the post I wrote today? (May 20th?)
    Secret: I was thinking of you when I was writing. Remember how I commented how nice you looked @ the luncheon? Outstanding, John.
    And you know you wrote that article about me... goofball.
    love ya, m