Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Timeshare a Donkey?

When you have a liability; make sure someone else is paying for it.

I asked my girlfriend who also owns a business-
"Hey, do you know where I can get a donkey?"
"As a matter of fact, I do."

When I was a little girl, I had a beloved donkey named Wilbur and a horse named Suzy.

Now Suzy's favorite hobby was digging holes in the yard and she taught Wilbur how to enjoy her pastime too.

Eventually my father, George, got fed up with falling into holes everywhere he went and so, alas- both were sold.

To this day, I still miss Wilbur.


I already have quite a good plan in place to offset WilburDonkey2's care.

Enter unassuming friend.
"You have children, right?"
"I do."
"And I bet they love animals.... how would your children like to pet my donkey for a small fee- you know, a timeshare?"

Or, I could make WilburDonkey2 a mascot for one of my companies and write off his whole care! Thanks, IRS.

Perhaps you would say that a donkey is not important, but it is!
It's very easy to get so caught up in business that you forget to enjoy simple, sweet things that once brought you pleasure.


  1. Girlfriend, you crack me up... You know McKenna would love the donkey. Susan

  2. My sistah! That's what I'm talkin' about.
    Susan, you are truly awesome and I'm beyond blessed to have you in my life. Love ya.