Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She Remembered her Panties, Blog (I'm Ba-ak!)

Okay, I'm going to give her points for remembering to wear panties on such an important day; but IS SHE KIDDING?

Did you borrow those bad boys from your grandmother?

In her defense, Victoria's Secret was not around in 1965 and apparently, neither was a nice white lace thong.

Only I can equate panties to blogging, I know. You don't see the connection?

 Could be all the meds I've been on, because it's clear that remembering to blog and remembering your drawers
are about the same thing.

Essentials for a happy life.

I'm back. Really.

P.S. Catherine Deneuve is more than a beautiful French actress but she's also quite the entrepreneur- "Deneuve introduced her own perfume, Deneuve, in 1986. She is also a designer of glasses, shoes, jewelry and greeting cards." We can only hope she adds undies soon.


  1. Welcome back Momma, I missed you!!! And I'm glad you finally remembered your drawers ;)

  2. I was about thirteen years old, and playing on the town's youth soccer league. Mom and I were walking down the narrow grass aisle between fields. It was crowded with spectators. One of these spectators was a rather shapely young woman, perhaps a little older than me, who was kneeling by the side of the field. Given the shortness of her shirt and the tightness of her jeans, this meant that there bit of skin showing. We didn't see anything indecent, of course, but Mom still huffed and said "I hope she's wearing the proper undergarments."
    I grinned, and said, "I don't."

    And all I have about the non-blushing bride above is: Hey, that view could be worse.

    HELLO DOLLY! It's so good to have you back where you belong! We missed you out here. Things have been a bit dull with you gone...way to come back in with a bang.

  3. Panties, is it? Ok. I'll go there.

    That photo reminds me of my old friend Deadhead Rob, who had a crush on Dorothy, of Wizard of Oz fame. He just knew she had on a pair of "crisp white panties" under that gingham dress.

    What did we ever do before thongs? Besides look really tacky with our panty lines, that is.

    Welcome back, lady. You've been sorely missed.

  4. 4 year engagment$4,000, $700 ring, $10,000 Wedding in front of Santa Rosa's finest ...and THIS is what they will remember...= Priceless :)

  5. Given that 45 years ago, pubic shaving was less commonplace, a thong would probably have not been such a good idea...

  6. Postie,

    What a great coming of age story!

    I missed you too, and thank you. :)

    (Okay, once I was driving down the street and this guy, he kept keeping pace with me in the lane to my right. So finally I looked over- and he's all excited and all smiles... then I glanced down- the seatbelt pulled my shirt all the way open, as it was a wrap around white cotton shirt from The Limited Express, and sure enough, there was mah boobie! So of course I looked him right back dead in the eye and... well, I'm not proud what I did next; but Postie, he had it coming.)

  7. Deadhead Rob, eh? Maybe he was friends with a guy I used to know in CT called, "Toast". He was called Toast because he was- like, all the time, toasted.

    Dorothy's' underwear were white. Ask the munchins.

    (Aww, thank you about being missed. Missed you too.)

  8. Mick,

    Loved your comment! I've got to get over and see what's going on at your Casablanca.

  9. Kim,

    I cringed when I read your comment. You are SO right. Ewww! M'bad.

    A razor, not diamonds, is truly a girl's best friend.

  10. Ha! Toast is what my daughter's best friend calls herself. It's so funny to hear Eliana call her that in her prayers at night.

  11. You gotta be kidding. That knocks my story into a cocked hat. Whatever you did I'm sure the guy had it coming, though.

  12. Postie,

    You make me do this, you know. I can't help it:

    huhuhuhuh huhuhuhuh, huh, he said, "cocked", huhhuhuhuh...

    I need to grow up. Seriously.

  13. I'm here for you EC. Don't grow up, adulthood is overrated. ;)