Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Goaling!

Now that I have everyone's attention, there is a new website the Entrepreneur Chick has found which has tremendously helped me not just clarify and focus on my goals, as in the oooh, la la photo above, but additonally provides an easy and measurable way, along with action steps, to help insure I meet them!

Reading many of your blogs I see that there's a common theme really, amongst those who seem to have goals, objectives and dreams that they very much want to reach but struggle in frustration, at times, to that end.

In the past, I have always relied on my notebooks- which understandably, is not very high tech; just humble pen and paper- to keep me moving in the direction I want to go.

I have to say it has been effective, and I have reached many of the goals I have set for myself.

The biggest of which were:

(1) Leave sociopathic husband.
(2) Maybe marry someone decent.

After obtaining those goals I had:

(3) Start a business.

Although I've had smaller goals along the way, and certainly every business I started was not a success, those three goals have been the plumbline, the hallmark, the gold standard- of the past ten years.

My current goals?

(1) Increase business sales by a certain amount of thousands every six months until two million a year is reached. (For business number two.)

(2) "Entrepreneur Chick"- the book! Should be completed by October nineteenth of this year.

(3) Radio show! Oh, why not? If I have a book, might as well. I can sell it on the show, invite guests, take callers, that sort of thing.

(4) Eat right and DO NOT EAT AT NIGHT! Eating right is pretty easy for me, but at night, some alien takes over my body and dips my hand into potato chips, forces me to make root beer floats, and other no nos.
Yeah, that's it.

If you have that same problem, here's a little trick I found to help me stop.

When I get hungry, I mix a teaspoon of this in water and drink the whole thing.
If that doesn't work, I do it again.

And now for the site I've been telling you about-

And guess what?
It's FREE~ 


  1. You are the awesomest!
    Thanks for the link and the fibre... gonna have to give that a try.

  2. You Rock, Marilisia!

    No wonder they say that God is a woman. ; )

  3. I'm impressed by your past and present goals.
    Kudos to you!

  4. Becky,

    You know what's SO funny? I was just thinking of you and wondering, gee, how's Becky doing? I haven't seen her in a bit- and there you are!

    Thank you, Becky! It's always a treat to see you and your darling icon. :)

  5. DUTA,

    Did you know that Dallas and Israel are on the very same level (longitude?) on a map? So if I just walk and swim in a perfectly straight line, I can be at your door in about three and a half years. Maybe four. I'm not as strong a swimmer as I am a dancer. Hahaha.

    Thank you for your affirming comments always, friend. xxoo

  6. Hahah Alright I read this post yesterdya and wasnt sure what I could add to the conversation. Well I left my laptop on and your page up, and this morning about every 3 feet in the Guys dorms is your "goals" picture! haha I gave my room mate a look to which he says "WHAT?! Its Motivational!" : P

  7. Mick,

    That is hysterical!

    Yes, boobs are a great motivator- who can fault your room mate?

    And on that note, my friend, Gayla, was trying to get my attention while we were having drinks at my other friend's, Jamie's, martini bar.

    Gayla: "Marilsa? Marilisa? Marilisa?!"

    Tony: "She doesn't hear you. Try saying "boobies"."

    Gayla: "Boobies!"

    Me: "What?"