Monday, February 15, 2010

Reader's Business Ideas, The Pollinatrix- Part 1

Pollinatrix, Polly, as I've come to call her, from The Whole Blooming World, who's reliably lyrical and deeply insightful blog that I totally enjoy reading, is also one of Entrepreneur Chick's followers. (As I am hers.)

A few weeks ago, I asked for my reader's business ideas and will feature three.

Those three are:

 (1) Susan, (Polly) The Whole Blooming World
(2) Andrew, The Sententious Vaunter
(3) Chloe, Fortune Cookies and Men

Polly's business ideas are:

1. Writing service

2. Green Laundromat

3. Teen Cafe

Very good, Pollinatrix! You do not lack for vision, nor do you lack for diversity.

Looking at these businesses through Entrepreneur Chick's lense of evaluation:
we ask ourselves the following five critical questions;

1. Is the business relevant?
2. What do we know about the business?
3. What is the return on investment or R.O.I.?
4. Where is the break even point?
5. How does the business stand out in the market place?
6. What is my projected profits?

Point five, that I did not mention last time, is very important, which is called the break even point.

The break even point is reached when start up costs for the business have been met and anything after that, is considered profit.

Neither did I mention point six, which is usually how I determine if I'm even interested in a particular business or not, because I always want to run my numbers to get an idea of projected cash flow.

If I see that there's too much work involved relative to low profit margins, or a system that is not replicative, or if there is little to no leverage, I'm not going to be interested in that business.

Starting with those three ideas, in three parts, we will break down Polly's business ventures.

Again, fabulous ideas Polly!

Next time, "Polly's Writing Service".


  1. This is so very exciting! Thank you for taking this on, and I can't wait for your next post.

  2. I'm getting pumped...excellent preamble. I like the way you break things down so clearly.